What you should know about “net neutrality” today.

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The decision was a powerful victory for Verizon, as it ok’d the company’s right to favor some types of internet traffic and services over other packets of data. So for example, ISPs are free to choose to block or slow down websites such as Netflix; or any others at any time. That just sucks rotten eggs, eh? In essence free speech just went to potentially limited speech as it seems.

Although the FCC won’t appeal the ruling, a spokesperson said chairman Tom Wheeler promises to establish new rules that ISPs from charging other companies, like 4GoodHosting?, a fee to get the highest performance speeds. Yet, will that turn out to be an empty promise? Something said to quiet people down for a while about the issue?

The FCC’s new rules will reportedly debut in late spring or early summer of this year.

One of many petition links: http://act.credoaction.com/sign/verizon_netneutrality

Like you, 4GoodHosting supports the free and open ideals of net neutrality.

Four old-school SEO methods that still work if you do it right

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With Google’s recent updates, there has been constant doubts, uncertainty and fear among webmasters. They are not sure which tactics to use to build backlinks to your site and which tactics should be avoided? But, there are some old-school SEO tactics that still work if done in the right way.

1. Forum backlinks

How not to do it: Backlinks that are created automatically from forum will get you penalized by Google. To get automatic forum accounts that have keyword rich links, there are many tools and services that point to the sites of the visitors. But these links are of no use because they no longer work.
How to do it right: If a good quality forum is related to the topic of your site, then a link from that forum can be of a positive influence for your web pages on the search engine positions.

IPv4 Addresses to be Depleted by December 2014: Infographic

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Singapore has the highest number of IPv6 certified engineers as well as the highest percentage of IPv6 capable networks (38.57 percent) compared to other countries around the world, according to an infographic released on Monday.


Network Utility Force, an organization that provides IPv6 training and IPv6 network design and implementation, released the infographic to provide a look at the IPv6 migration landscape and some challenges in IPv4 exhaustion this year.

“Based on our IPv6 work to date, including work for our current customers, 2014 appears to be the year ARIN will have no more IPv4 addresses to allocate,” Brandon Ross, co-founder, CEO and Chief Network Architect of Network Utility Force said. “To that end, we expect 2014 to be a growth year for IPv6 migrations and deployments, and thus, forecasting and budgeting at the beginning of the year will be important, as engineering resources are limited.”

While Network Utility Force has an obvious motive for releasing the infographic, it does provide an interesting look at international adoption of IPv6.

According to the infographic, IPv4 addresses will be depleted by December 2014.

New Toronto Server Room, Windows Reseller accounts, and Free Charity Hosting

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Dear 4GoodHosting Customers and Prospective Customers and general website visitors,

It is with great pleasure that we tell you about some recent additions to 4GoodHosting over this past month. For registered charities and non-profits, we are giving back to the community by offering a free website hosting package, and optional larger packages with a 15% discount over our already low hosting package prices. Therefore to serve them for what they do for others, we also become a non-profit of sorts for non-profits and charity customers. For more information on our lasting pledge for Canadian charities and non-profits, please see: our free-charity-web-hosting page.

Also new on the 4GoodHosting menu is Windows Reseller Hosting. For those that require specialized Windows server hosting requiring Asp, .net , IIS 7.0, MsSql 2008, MySql 5 or other windows applications, we do Windows! Please see our Windows reseller page for more information on our Windows reseller program.

Perhaps the most exciting development is the extra security you can feel knowing that we just opened a new datacenter in Toronto. Perhaps you prefer East coast hosting over West coast hosting; then we have a solution for you. Everyone will benefit from our transcontinental backups. Even if an unexpected power blackout (or an earthquake perhaps?) took out Vancouver, our Toronto data center will still serve your website to the world; or vice-versa. Technically, this is called ‘fault-tolerance’ or trans-continental ‘redundancy’. Hopefully no large-scale disasters ever happen, but we cover it in any case.

And if the above wasn’t cool enough… how about $4.95 .CA domain for this entire month of February! At that incredible special price why not gift a .CA domain to yourself or a special sweetheart or good friend this month? : )

It is our pleasure to continue serving you!