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Solid State Drive SSD-VPS Virtual Private Server Web Hosting (Linux)

Linux SSD VPS Hosting

Our Linux Virtual Private Server plans are not just for for users of Linux operating systems, but anyone who handle the complexity of WHM or cPanel (Control Panel), very similar to how you configure a shared hosting account. We handle the rest of the complexities of deploying and maintaining the running of your VPS. With powerful features including blazing fast Intel NAND memory technology based SSDs, ddr4 random access memory, excellent bandwidth and dependable service space, you can be sure you have top notch service. Our service allows you to experience stable connections as well as productive conference and video capabilities. With a Linux SSD VPS hosting plan, you can be assured that you will have an efficient and blazingly fast entirely solid-state platform to build your web site.

Internally, 4GoodHosting's Intel Solid-State Drives make websites fly by serving pages lightning fast compared to mechanical hard drives! When serving your website from our SSD-equipped servers, you are making your visiting audience and all search engines most impressed. We have found out that all search engines figure-in page load timing in their search ranking factors and so the fastest page serving response returns you back ranking points, traffic, and sales.

Linux SSD VPS Startup SSD Enterprise SSD Enterprise + SSD Gold SSD Platinum SSD
24 month Fee $33.99 $41.99 $56.99 $115.00 $135.00
12 month Fee $34.99 $44.99 $59.99 $118.00 $145.00
6 month Fee $36.99 $46.99 $61.99 $121.00 $150.00
3 month Fee $38.99 $48.99 $63.99 $123.00 $158.00
Monthly Fee $39.99 $49.99 $64.99 $124.00 $164.00
Storage 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 10,000 GB 10,000 GB 10,000 GB 10,000 GB 10,000 GB
IP Addresses
(Additional IP $3)
1 1 1 1 1
Guaranteed CPU Rate 2000 Mhz 4000 Mhz 6000 Mhz 8000 Mhz 10000 Mhz
CPU Cores 1 2 3 4 5
Guaranteed RAM 3 GB 4 GB 5 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Burstable RAM 4 GB 5 GB 6 GB 7 GB 9 GB
Servers Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Port Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
MAX VPS per Server 8 8 8 8 8
Cpanel / WHM $14.95/m $14.95/m $14.95/m $14.95/m $14.95/m
Softaculous $5/m $5/m $5/m $5/m $5/m
SSH2 Root Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Host unlimited domains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tier 1 Managed Support $35/m $35/m $35/m $35/m $35/m
Tier 3 MGD Support
$75/m $75/m $75/m $75/m $75/m
Virus Scanners Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Reboot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choice of OS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private DNS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firewall / VPN $25 /m $25 /m $25 /m $25 /m $25 /m
Perl Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Python Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Password Protected
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$105 Google Adwords Credit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backups $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB
RAID 5 - Disk Mirroring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24 hour Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Phone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Overages / 1 GB $3/m $3/m $3/m $3/m $3/m
Transfer Overages / 1 GB $1/m $1/m $1/m $1/m $1/m

SSD Hosting accelerates Database Driven Applications :

Running a popular established blog, e-commerce store, or custom application requires a lot of database I/O input and output. As a site gets more popular and traffic starts to grow, server hard drives will start getting more and more concurrent I/O requests. During peak viewing times, the amount of I/O requests can slow down the fetching of information from your database; especially true for sites on traditional "spinning siliconwafer" hard drives. The physical constraining limitations of spinning hard drives and the heads (mechanical) restrict the amount of 010110011110110s that can be requested at a given time.

With a lack of moving parts, data transfer is only restricted by the speed of the network ( which is why our shared servers are already on multiple fast 1Gbps networks ). This is where our SSD Hosting is superior.

In a benchmark test, we tested our already fast SAS 15K drives against 1TB Intel solid-state drives during busy I/O periods. The result, SSDs pushed out 96% more data than these hard disk drives!

Benchmarking Latency (time it takes to get data)

Hard drives inherently have two things working against it when it comes to data retrieval. The first is the rotational rate of the of the disk. The second is the seek time that it takes for the read/write heads to find the data on the disk.

SSDs have neither of these issues.

We benchmarked the latency of our SSD hosting servers versus a server with hard disk drives under high network load. As you can also see, hard disk drives take about 20 (2000%) times longer to access data during periods of heavy db requests.

Our website builder also operates smoother on our SSD servers.

4GoodHosting's Hosting Shared SSD Servers

Unlike other hosting companies, 4GoodHosting Hosting gives you the option of solid-state drives to host all types of data. This means you can host your blog on one domain and your client’s ecommerce site – all from the same Business or Advanced hosting account. There are no restrictions with how you can use our SSD Hosting.

  • Optimizes dynamic content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
  • Ecommerce stores (PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.)
  • Self-built websites & applications
  • Or simple static HTML websites

Data Loss Prevention near 0% chance of any data loss

Our SSD Hosting servers utilize RAID cards with battery-backed non-volatile caching. This means that in the event of sudden power loss, any data yet to be written will be stored in cache until the server is brought back to normal operation. Inbound data will then be written and stored as if nothing happened.

We've also taken measures to ensure zero impact on our customers from any SSD failures that might occur. Our solid-state drives are placed in RAID-5 configuration with extra backup drives to ensure data integrity throughout our SSD hosting servers.

Theoretically Improved Server Reliability

With no mechanical parts that could lead to disk failure or temperature augmentation, unlike Hard drives, SSDs work smoothly at a higher speed. They are, in addition to that, most known for less latency on serving data to visitors no matter where they are located around the world. Get sped up today! Existing customers please open a ticket to migrate to our new ssd servers and the best ssd hosting package plan for you.

Linux :

  • Full root access
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Perl, Python, ASP.net, and PHP Support
  • Customizable Configuration Files and System Libraries
  • Selectable Storage and Bandwidth Options
  • Dual Hexa Core Xeon Servers
  • Excellent Intrusion Protection
  • FREE 24/7 Email or Emergency Phone Support
  • FREE Assistance in Data Transfer for VPS Transfers
  • Linux VPS Hosting

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Look no further for a quality Virtual Private Hosting solution that offer the control, security and flexibility you need to move ahead of the game. Experience the power and flexibility of our Virtual Private Hosting plans. Our VPS web hosting plans provide the perfect alternative to low-end dedicated servers. Web developers will love how easily, applications installed in your VPS hosting account, can be independently rebooted. Resellers will benefit from having access to unlimited domains that feature the ability to specify their own root access and two IP addresses. Contact our friendly staff today at 866-708-4678 to get started now!

Plan 1 yr - 10 yrs *Free*
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.ca $14.95 yr $0.00
.net $17.95 yr $0.00
.org $19.95 yr $0.00
.biz $19.95 yr $0.00
.info $19.95 yr $0.00
.name $19.95 yr $0.00
.us $24.95 yr $0.00
"Since 1969, Kon Kast has had the solid belief that customer satisfaction is paramount when it comes to ensuring success. That is why 4GoodHosting has been a perfect fit for us. Since 2006, when they began hosting konkast.com, they have been the foundation of our website. During this time 4GoodHosting have provided excellent service and satisfaction when we've requested help, as well as the knowledge that we have a reliable website hosting service when we've needed nothing more. Thank you 4GoodHosting.com"
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