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Canadian Windows VPS Hosting Servers

Never trust just anyone for your web hosting, hypervisor, or virtual machine needs. You need to work with a provider who has the technical knowledge to backup your database effectively, support an unmanaged VPS or managed VPS, supply whatever CPU power you need for maximum workloads, and provide security patches to keep you free of malware and protect your data security and data privacy. If you rely on just any service like WordPress, IBM Cloud, Ubuntu, OVHCloud control panel, Hostwinds, managed Kubernetes service, DirectAdmin, Bluehost, HostPapa (formerly iHost VPS), ServerMania, Host4Fun, iPage, Kamatera, Hostinger, or other VPS solutions, they may not provide you with the CPUs, full control, data protection, downtime protection, and storage space you need to support your end users.

At 4Goodhosting.com, our Canada VPS service is the perfect middle ground for small business website owners and mid-size businesses who are looking for complete control, security, and flexibility with a new server that they may not find with web servers offered by traditional hosting providers. With our Windows Virtual Private Servers, you will get the power of a dedicated server, such as a bare metal server, at an affordable price. Our VPS web hosting services allow tenants full remote access in a secure environment with the ability to reboot your web server just like a dedicated server can do. In other words, you'll have a virtual dedicated server to support your site and web apps. Our VPS control panel options for Windows are designed to be self-manageable with high levels of performance, no matter if you are a developer, reseller, or business website owner. Other options in our Canadian best VPS services include:

  • Full root access
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Perl, Python, ASP.net, and PHP Support
  • Customizable Configuration Files and System Libraries
  • Selectable Storage and Bandwidth Options
  • Dual Hexa Core Xeon Servers
  • Excellent Intrusion Protection
  • FREE 24/7 Email or Emergency Phone Support
  • FREE Assistance in Data Transfer for VPS Transfers

Our virtual servers and server resources come in a wide variety of package options once you select your initial setup. If you're worried about specs, don't be! Plans are available with monthly billing and annual billing, with disk space storage options ranging from 40 GB to 200 GB. All plans receive 10,000 GB in bandwidth, and all but the startup plan allow for two dedicated IP addresses. CPU cores range from two cores to six, and guaranteed CPU rates range from 2,000 Mhz to 10,000 Mhz. You'll also be getting guaranteed RAM ranging from 3 GB RAM to 10 GB RAM.

All plans come with support for your email account, Google Adwords credit, password-protected directories, Firewall/VPN support at extra cost ($25 per month), and a wide range of other server management features for system administrators.

Package Startup Enterprise Enterprise + Gold Platinum
24 month Fee $34.95 $62.95 $93.95 $106.25 $159.95
12 month Fee $35.95 $64.95 $96.95 $112.42 $164.95
6 month Fee $36.95 $65.95 $99.95 $119.00 $169.95
3 month Fee $37.95 $66.95 $105.95 $125.00 $174.95
Monthly Fee $38.95 $67.95 $110.95 $129.95 $179.95
Storage 40 GB 65 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 10,000 GB 10,000 GB 10,000 GB 10,000 GB 10,000 GB
IP Addresses
(Additional IP $3)
1 2 2 2 2
Guaranteed CPU Rate 2000 Mhz 4000 Mhz 6000 Mhz 8000 Mhz 10,000 Mhz
CPU Cores 2 3 4 5 6
Guaranteed RAM 3 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 10 GB
Servers Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers>
Dual Hexa Core
Xeon Servers
Port Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
MAX VPS per Server 20 15 8 8 8
Plesk / Control Panel $16/m $16/m $16/m $16/m $16/m
Softaculous $5/m $5/m $5/m $5/m $5/m
Full RDP (Remote Desktop) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Host unlimited domains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tier 1 Managed Support $35/m $35/m $35/m $35/m $35/m
Tier 3 MGD Support
$75/m $75/m $75/m $75/m $75/m
Virus Scanners Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Reboot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choice of OS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private DNS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firewall / VPN $25/m $25/m $25/m $25/m $25/m
ASP.NET Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Perl Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Python Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MSSQL 2012/2016
Web Edition
$34.95/m $34.95/m $34.95/m $34.95/m $34.95/m
MSSQL 2012/2016
Workgroup Edition
$74.95/m $74.95/m $74.95/m $74.95/m $74.95/m
MSSQL 2012/2016
Standard Edition
$324.95/m $324.95/m $324.95/m $324.95/m $324.95/m
MSSQL 2012/2016
Enterprise Edition
$1195.00/m $1195.00/m $1195.00/m $1195.00/m $1195.00/m
Password Protected
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$300 Google Adwords Credit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backups $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB $50/m per 100GB
RAID 5 - Disk Mirroring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24 hour Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Phone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Overages / 1 GB $2/m $2/m $2/m $2/m $2/m
Transfer Overages / 1 GB $1/m $1/m $1/m $1/m $1/m
Additional RAM / 1 GB $10/m $10/m $10/m $10/m $10/m

Canada Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting Capabilities

Our Canada VPS hosting plans for Windows are perfect for those who are frustrated with the high costs and unreliability of shared hosting solutions. With a hosting company like ours, web developers can test and debug proprietary software with ease. Resellers, looking for options to host unlimited domains and extensions, will greatly benefit from our VPS hosting plans with web-based control panels (cPanel for Windows) for website hosting, not to mention our domain name transfer options from other sites (such as transferring your existing WordPress site).

Business website owners will enjoy the high performance that comes with not having to share space or bandwidth with competitors. No matter what you plan to use it for, our affordable Canadian Windows VPS hosting options will help you in so many ways, including giving you better security, greater stability, superior tech support, and much more.

Why Use Windows Virtual Server Hosting?

With our VPS plans, you can control and configure your web server just as you can with a dedicated server at lower prices. Since you will be operating your own independent operating system and supporting all web browsers, you can add web applications with ease. Whether you are operating Windows server 2012/2016 Standard, Windows 2012/2016 Web Edition, or another version of Windows, applications such as ASP.NET and MSSQL can be controlled through your Parallels Plesk Panel.

In addition to our virtual servers in our VPS environment, we also provide a lot of resources and other advantages as part of our platform as a service (PaaS). As if being a good option for fast speed, low hosting fees, and total control of custom applications wasn't enough, we also let you register a free domain name with us or transfer existing domains at no charge when you sign up for our Advanced Plan. You'll also have DDoS protection and recovery options for any amount of data. We also know that proving your credibility is essential for any network administrator, and we can help you get an SSL certificate with our cheap VPS. These do require you to have a dedicated IP address, so there's no such thing as a free SSL certificate, but our Rapid SSL starts at the low price of $20. Now, you'll be able to build credibility and establish the reliability you'll need for site visitors to trust your information and for shoppers to feel comfortable using their credit cards.

Speaking of customers, wouldn't you like to increase your conversions of site visitors? Our hosting plans provide built-in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help you create customer forms that collect email addresses. With this information, you'll be able to build effective email marketing campaigns and make special offers to your best customers, ensuring that you have the best customer service you can provide.

We even provide website design services, and many VPS service plans give you access to our website builder tool with simple templates that let you build a new website or edit your existing site with ease! No web design experience or coding knowledge is required, so beginners don't need to feel intimidated. Naturally, those with years of experience in web design will find it easier to take advantage of our advanced features and templates.

We also provide all customers with our uptime guarantee, so you won't have to worry about temporary access or powerful hardware going down. In fact, we're so confident that we're the right VPS provider for you that we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any point you feel that 4GoodHosting VPS isn't the right choice for your web property and you'd rather switch to a competitor, you can do that. We'll refund all your money with no questions asked, although you will need to take your domain name with you. This is just one more way that we strive to be the best Canadian web hosting model in North America.

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For all of your Virtual Private Hosting needs, look no further! All of our customers enjoy the quick loading performance, affordability, and control our VPS plans offer. With your own dedicated IP and your choice of what resources you want to include, you can be sure you will be operating an efficient web server that can handle just about everything you need to grow and expand. Give us a call at 866-708-4678 to speak with one of our technical support professionals and take your first step today! Our support team is also available 24/7 on our live chat portal to answer questions about VPS plans, assistive technology, domains, or anything else you can think of. We pride ourselves on letting you speak to real people at all times, instead of filling out Captcha puzzles or talking to bots.

Plan 1 yr - 10 yrs *Free*
.com $17.95 yr $0.00
.ca $14.95 yr $0.00
.net $17.95 yr $0.00
.org $19.95 yr $0.00
.biz $19.95 yr $0.00
.info $19.95 yr $0.00
.name $19.95 yr $0.00
.us $24.95 yr $0.00
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