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Go with a .CA Domain!
People have been setting out to register .ca domains for more than 30 years, and for your businesses and personal ventures in Canada it an increasingly solid choice to go with a .ca domain name. Or you may need to because the .com extension of your intended domain is no longer available. We make it easy to register a Canadian domain and once you know the one you want you can act fast to make sure you secure it for yourself. Buy a .ca domain here.
Why a .CA is Best for You
For some it is going to be best to focus more primarily on a Canadian audience, and in these instances it will best to go with a .ca domain and register a Canadian domain name. 4GoodHosting is always ready to assist with .ca domain registration and our domain name checker makes it simple to determine domain availability. Do you want to have your site be immediately seen as Canadian? Get that .ca domain here.
Distinctly Canadian Web Domain
It doesn’t get any more Canadian than a .ca domain, and going with one as your country code top-level (ccTLD) domain is going to make a lot of sense if you want your site to be immediately distinguished as originating in Canada and / or focused on serving Canadian customers. There may be other reasons why you’d opt to buy a Canadian domain name, and you’re already where you need to be for a .ca domain purchase.
Start your Canadian domain search here, and let’s see what .ca domains are available to you right now.
Canadian Domain Name Registration Here at 4GoodHosting
outstanding value
Outstanding Value
Save up to 35% compared to other Canadian domain registration providers.
huge selection
Huge Selection
A .ca domain search will show you there are hundreds of Canadian domains to choose from.
24/7 assistance
24/7 Assistance
We are here to accommodate all your inquires by phone, chat, or email.
simple management
Simple Management
Manage your .CA Domain Name servers or DNS settings for your domain name.
100% canadian
100% Canadian
Your best and most logical choice to register domain .ca.
trusted experience
Trusted Experience
CIRA accredited Registrar for your .CA domain registrations.
customer focused
Emphasis on full customer satisfaction with everything related to the Canadian domain registration process, and will make it right if not.
Have your hosting, email, and domains all under the same roof here at 4GoodHosting.
VPS Host Trusted by Canadians for Over 20 Years
Domain Features and .ca Domain Benefits
24x7 assistance
24/7/365 Support
Adding DNS records, modifying your nameservers, and forwarding your URL are just 3 of the many, many requests you can have our support agents handle for you and with a responsiveness that’s going to be agreeable for you. Industry-leading support is a big part of why 4GoodHosting has been the provider individuals and businesses have turned to for reliable web hosting in Canada over the last 20+ years.
safe secure feature
Safe, Secure, Feature Loaded
Utilize our cPanel controls to manage your DNS records with our DNS zone manager, and you’re also able to forward your domain, modify your contract information, and lock your domain at any time along with anything else that might be required for users in relation to .ca domain registration requirements. We also offer full support for DNSSEC as the latest set of DNS security extensions.
CIRA certified
CIRA Certified
4GoodHosting is certified for CIRA registry and this means we always registered domains in strict adherence to CIRA’s compliance policies, along with qualifying for recertification every year. CIRA certification means 4GoodHosting has proven ourselves to be trustworthy, reliable and always meeting all criteria to be acknowledged as one of the best domain name registrars in Canada. Let us take care of that for you, and trusting your CIRA domains to a reseller is inadvisable.
claim the domain name
Claim the Name You Want
There have been more than 2 million .ca domain names registered as of right now, but many more are available and then one you have your eye on can have availability determined with a Canadian domain search here. A .ca domain extension is best if you’re Canadian you want web browsing individuals to be able to quickly identify you or your business as Canadian. In comparison to a .com name which doesn’t distinguish you in the same way.
reach canadian
Meeting Canadians Where They Prefer to Shop
Research has indicated that there are many Canadians who prefer to shop at .ca websites over .com ones and this will also apply for banking, education, news, entertainment, and more generally with all aspects of web browsing overall. There is also reason to believe that some International customers also feel comfortable with a .ca domain rather than a .com.
100 Canadian
Immediate Canadian Identification
You can have your national pride on display as part of your digital presence and specifically with the domain name extension for your website. Around here a .ca website makes good business sense because of the trustworthiness and familiarity factors, and if you’re going to register domain .ca then you have likely already been convinced of why that type of domain name is best for whatever type of business or venture has you going online. Buy domain name .ca here at 4GoodHosting.
Web hosting for every need
From small business to enterprise, Canadian Web Hosting offers hosting that grows as you grow.
.ca Domain FAQs
What is a Domain Name & How Do I Get One? S

A domain name is any name that is followed by a domain extension (example, yourname.com) and then used as the means by which people both identify and find you on the web. What these domain names do is map out a human-readable word or phrase that is received by a computer readable IP address (Internet Protocol address) that allows would-be clients and other visitors to view you site and make use of it as they live given whatever aim they may have in visiting it.

To buy a domain name with. ca extension is easy, you simply check to see if it’s available and if so then you have your Canadian web hosting provider secure it for you and then you renew it at certain intervals and pay to retain it. You can register most domains for up to 10 years.

Which Domain Name Should I Choose? S

Picking a good .ca domain name is likely more important than you realize. Good guidelines are to keep it easy to remember and easy to type, have it be unique, and have it incorporate know search-term keywords if they are a descriptor for your business. Picking the right domain type (extension) is important too and of course here we are recommending a .ca domain package.

You may also want to register multiple relevant domains, including variants of yours, common domain misspellings, or geographically-targeted domains depending on what you’re doing. Lastly, make your domain choice is not copyrighted even if it is available.

How Can I Transfer my Domain Name to 4GoodHosting? S

This is a simple process:

  1. Obtain your domain’s transfer key (also referred to as AUTH key or EPP code) and this can be obtained from your current web hosting provider.
  2. Unlock your domain. Most domains will be locked with current providers to prevent unauthorized transfers. This is often possible through the web panel controls, but if not you can forward your request to have this done.
  3. Ensure accuracy of the domain’s administrative contact and their email address, as well as ensuring that any domain privacy is disabled.

Once started, a domain name transfer may take up to 5 days to complete, although ones for .ca domains are nearly always done much quicker. You also add 1 year to your domain name expiry date when you transfer your domain to 4GoodHosting.

What is Privacy Protection and Why Do I Need It? S

Privacy Protection is a security measure that functions to restrict access to your private information on the Internet. With new domain registration you will need to submit personal information like name, email, phone number, and full address that is then made public on the WHOIS database where all registered domains and their owners are listed. This is done with the aim to provide transparency on the Internet.

Despite the legitimacy of the database, it may used by spammers, hackers, and identity thieves to spam your email, hack your website, or engage in identity theft. Privacy Protection means the private information you submit is removed from public viewing and replaced with a line indicating this user’s information is blocked with the Privacy Protection service.

There is a small cost for Privacy Protection, and you either need to request it during your new domain registration or go into your Client Area and add it. It’s a very advisable choice for all new domain registrations, and is included for free with .CA domains.

What is Anycast DNS and How Does It Help Me? S

DNS (Domain Name System) is a technology that allowing the mapping of domain names to servers that hold the data of your website and email and making it necessary for site visitors to communicate with DNS servers in order to gain the actual location of the website’s data.

With Anycast DNS technology a site’s DNS information is automatically copied to dozens of locations around the world and so visitors will automatically be retrieving the information from the nearest location and this means better initial load time for the website. Faster page loadings is something that is important for any website that is serving business interests, and Anycast DNS can be included with your web hosting plan through your Client Area.

How Do I Manage My Domain Name? S

Go into your Client Area and you can manage your domain name, including these options:

  • Updating your nameservers
  • Updating WHOIS contact information
  • Managing Privacy Protection
  • Activating advanced DNS settings (A Record, CNAME, TXT and MX)
  • Activating Domain Lock

Depending on your plan you may also be able take advantage of premium features like Anycast DNS, email forwarders, AntiSpam measures, and URL forwarders.

Why Should I Register / Transfer My Domain Names with 4GoodHosting? S

Registering your domain through 4GoodHosting or having your existing domain transferred to us is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • Free features like DNS Hosting, DNS Record Management and Domain Locking
  • Practical add-ons like Privacy Protection, Email forwarding, URL forwarding and DNS Anycast technology that better protect and enable your site
  • Intuitive Client Area where you can set up a new website, blog, or professional email on your new domain
  • The most competitive pricing on web hosting in Canada and the uptime guarantees you need for your eCommerce websites
  • 24/7 assistance from real experts, available by phone, email, or live chat

Depending on your plan you may also be able take advantage of premium features like Anycast DNS, email forwarders, AntiSpam measures, and URL forwarders.

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