A Guide to Virtual Private Servers for Forex Traders

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A Guide to Virtual Private Servers for Forex TradersIt is always going to be case that the economies of certain countries are stronger than those of others, and without going to far into International economics this is the reason why the currency of one country is unlikely to be ‘on par’ with that of another. The dollar of one is going to have more value than the dollar of another, and here in Canada it’s been a long, long time since the Canadian dollars was even close to being equal with the US dollar. It did come close once, but that was over 20 years ago.

In the current economic forecast that is very unlikely to ever happen again, but of course none of this has anything to do with a Canada-based web hosting provider or anything that we’d be discussing here with our weekly blog entries. But the discrepancies in value between one currency and another is very much of ongoing interest to anyone who is a Forex trader. Forex stands for foreign exchange, and if you’re asking what is Forex trading it is the trading of one currency for another.

With a layperson’s understanding it might seem simple and straightforward given the currency that is worth more will have more value, but the key to effective Forex trading is understanding the quantity of currency to be exchanged and then pairing this with future projection for value – less or more of it. It’s not simple at all, but people who trade in foreign exchanges are willing to take risks and some people do get darn good at it. Those doing it on a bigger scale may be doing it ongoingly through the means of website for Forex trading.

If you’re the person behind that website there is a lot to be said for the best VPS hosting for small businesses in Canada, and that includes virtual private servers for Forex traders. So what we’re going to look at with this week’s entry is why VPS servers are best for sites that are designed for Forex trading online and what webmasters can pass along to interested individuals in promoting their site as a better a choice for Forex traders.

Technology Match

Forex trading is known to be very rewarding side hustle, and for some it may even be a full-time career. Forex traders are also known to need certain attributes if they want to be successful with Forex trading. The best ones are supremely confident, highly analytical, and have the ability to remain calm under pressure. You won’t necessarily find those same attributes in those who make the technology needed for Forex trading available, but if it’s in any for-profit situation then there becomes a focus on the best VPS hosting for small businesses in Canada.

The technology used for the trading also needs to have the most relevant features, with focuses on security, stability, and speed. The hardware and software of your VPS provider is going to be a part of that, and there are some tech-stack tweaks that are smarter than others when a trader needs is focused on making profits.

VPS Hosting for Forex

The advantage of a cloud VPS server is your dedicated space on a physical server that is split into isolated, high-performance sections. What results from this is a more stable and secure space to make trades, and one where there is less chance of the site being compromised or experiencing downtime. Something which could be very problematic if users are in the process of making trades and / or monitoring currency exchange information in advance of making them.

A VPS is the best hosting environment for Forex trading because your trades won’t be disrupted if your home Wi-Fi goes down, or in the even of a computer crash either. Overall A Forex VPS is going to be the best fit for traders because of its super-fast connectivity, better reliability, and enhanced security. The reliability part of that is big for Forex traders who rely on low latency and having their proximity to their broker’s servers reducing the risk of slippage and requotes.

Slippage is especially unacceptable, and it results from slow processing times caused by a gap between a trade’s expected price and the price that exists when the trade goes through. A requote is a request to accept a new price before execution, and in either scenario delays and missed opportunities resulting from the tech being used can be very costly. Having that part of your working environment being consistently and reliably functional can make all the difference.

VPS Server Basics

The performance of A VPS is determined by 4 main resources: CPU (processing power), memory (RAM), storage space, and network bandwidth. The CPU is the central processing unit and it is the brain of the server that works to handle core functions like calculations and data processing. The ability to handle a handle a heavy load if needed is always going to be a requirement for Forex trading platforms.

RAM is random access memory, and what it does is serve as your VPS’s short-term memory and storing frequently accessed data. Sufficient RAM ensures smooth operation of your trading applications, and then what’s needed to go along with it is storage space as for trading platform installations with historical data and configuration files your VPS holds all data in storage.

If we’re going to be equivocal about this the storage space isn’t as essential for VPS server performance as part of the best VPS hosting for small businesses in Canada, but when used efficiently it can prevent the buildup of unnecessary clutter which may incrementally slow server performance – something that Forex traders won’t want to see to any extent.

Network bandwidth is a factor to consider with VPS servers for Forex trading too. The bandwidth determines the speed and volume of data transfer between your VPS and the internet. Low latency (minimal delay) in data transfer is something that’s required if prompt execution of trades can be relied upon.

Maximum Trading Efficiency via VPS Servers

Outdated software or firmware results in lagging, crashing, and overall a lot of frustration for platform users of any type. The same thing can apply with Forex trading software, and especially when it’s used through sites hosted on more conventional shared servers. We can look directly at those using an old version of MetaTrader or haven’t updated their charts in forever. It’s quite likely they’re experiencing bugs, glitches, and compatibility issues.

Fine-tuning parameters within any Forex platform is also a requirement for maximizing VPS performance. It may require you to be calibrating refresh rates, limiting the number of visible charts, or reducing the amount of historical data loaded. However, if you’re using the latest versions of VPS trading platforms then it’s quite likely your settings will already be optimized for best performance.

There will always be hardware considerations too, and this is something consumers can also be evaluating with Canada-based web hosting providers as long as they know what they’re looking for. With relation to VPS for Forex trading the primary consideration is going to be CPU usage. You don’t want Forex trading apps being bogged down by other programs that take up processing power. Same goes for unnecessary services – things like cloud backup syncing, software updates, etc.

RAM allocation is another area where you need to have certain minimums. Having enough memory is needed for online Forex trading platforms if they are to operate smoothly and seamlessly. The right RAM allowance will keep you moving along with the seamlessness and speed you’re looking for while trading.

Users might want to think about optimizing their storage setup too, especially as solid-state drives are faster than traditional hard drives. A blazing-fast and low-latency network connection is always going to be critical for Forex traders, and even more so when even a delay of even a few seconds can be the difference between trades that are profitable and ones that are the furthest thing from it.

Software Interests

It likely won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that AI is now involved in Forex Trading and related to the use of a VPS server in doing that. Traders may already have AI robots enhancing their VPS server’s performance and promoting maximum performance from hardware and resources. Continuing with our look at Canada-based web hosting providers we’ll share 3 apps that are good choices for Forex traders using platforms hosted on VPS servers.

Memcached – This is a distributed in-memory caching system that is excellent for reducing latency for data retrieval. In high-frequency Forex trading this is something that is very important. Memcached can provide much faster response times compared to directly querying a database, and does it by caching frequently accessed data in memory,

NGINX – a particularly good open-source web server known for its speed, stability, and low resource consumption. With Forex trading NGINX works as a load balancer, distributing incoming trading connections across multiple servers so you can enjoy high availability during periods of high trading volume.

Zabbix – traders also benefit from server monitoring software like Zabbix that monitors the health and performance of their VPS servers, with focuses on CPU usage, memory utilization, disk space, network traffic, and more.

A VPS server that is fully optimized for online Forex trading can significantly improve your trading performance. Ours here at 4GoodHosting have our 99% uptime guarantee, superior security features, and the flexibility needed for scaling memory, storage, and processors up or down as needed.


  1. Are there any time limitations with Forex trading online?

No, Forex trading is possible at any time of the day and from any location in the world if you are Forex trading online. The FX market is the only truly continuous, 24-hour trading market in the world and this is a big part of what makes it advantageous for traders online who may be outside of the time zone for markets in the way that might be the case for other types of exchanges online.

  1. What makes a VPS Server superior for online Forex Trading platforms?

A virtual private server has more in the way of security and stability for online trading platforms, along with the resources needed to promote higher-speed performance so that trading can be conducted in absolute real time with none of the delays or lags that might come if the platform is on shared hosting.

  1. What market is best for someone who is new to Forex trading online?

The consensus has always been that the Spot Market is the best place for beginner Forex trading. This is because currencies are bought and sold based on their trading price, with prices determined by supply and demand and reactions to specific factors. Trades take only 2 days to settle and are settled in cash.

  1. What are other VPS server benefits for trading online?

Users will also benefit from any-location accessibility, the ability to run automated trading systems 24/7, independence from local internet shortcomings, the ability to run multiple trading platforms and accounts, and much better scalability when they choose to go with a VPS server. All of which can be obtained with the best VPS hosting for small businesses in Canada.

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