8 Solid Use Cases for Virtual Private Servers

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8 Solid Use Cases for Virtual Private ServersSharing is certainly a virtuous and admirable choice if you choose to pass along some of what you have to another who needs it. But even those who are inclined to share will only agree to it if they have enough to ‘spare’, meaning that there’s a certain amount or quantity of whatever it is that’s needed for their requirements to be met. If we’re to look at this in relation to web hosting and affordable VPS hosting in Canada there are going to be minimum resource requirements for a website to operate fully functionally.

If those requirements are met within a shared web hosting arrangement then all is fine and well. Sharing the available resources with other sites in shared hosting becomes doable and of course it’s the most affordable type of web hosting that a person can have for their website. Where this most commonly isn’t a fit is for any larger site that is used for eCommerce purposes – meaning that business is conducted through the site, and sales most specifically.

It’s going to be preferable if these sites see lots of traffic with customers looking to make purchases, and when traffic spikes this is when a site can be inaccessible for people when it is hosted on shared hosting. There are other examples where there’s insufficient resource and bandwidth availability through shared hosting, and it is for all these reasons that a virtual private server may be the wiser choice for a website. Yes, a VPS will be more expensive but from many it is an expense they have to be willing to pay.

VPS servers can still be in line with green web hosting Canada, especially when the web hosting provider has implemented energy saving and efficiency measures with their servers. These days most Canadian web hosting providers are doing just that, and it’s a good selling point for VPS here at 4GoodHosting too.

We could go on extolling the benefits of VPS servers in more general ways, but what we’ll do here instead with this blog entry is give you 8 solid use cases for VPS servers that will highlight real working-world examples that point out why a VPS is better for a website much of the time.

Go Cloud

We can say further that going with a Cloud VPS server may be even more the better choice for your website. A Cloud VPS pairs the affordability of shared hosting with the control and resources of dedicated hosting, and in this way it is often ideal for a wide range of uses. But what makes a Cloud VPS different from a standard VPS?

Cloud VPS servers are a sort of medium between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A VPS simulates a dedicated server environment within a shared physical server, offering a blend of priced-right and performance that will be central to affordable VPS hosting in Canada. Each VPS is given its own resources, with a full volume of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.

Webmasters who use the cPanel provided to them with their web hosting have the ability to modify each feature to create more ideal operating environments, and this is very valuable when you have different use cases for the website. This leads to our list of 8, so let’s get right into them.

Business Website Hosting

A cloud VPS server is the perfect hosting option for a business website much of the time, and as mentioned earlier this is especially true if sales of products or services are conducted through the website. With Cloud VPS the site will have a customized blend of speed, reliability, and security, meaning it’s nearly impossible for a site to go offline when it has major traffic surges.

With shared hosting a server’s resources are divided among multiple users, but with VPS hosting dedicated resources are allocated to your website exclusively. This very much reduces the risk of downtime during traffic fluctuations. Plus, VPS lets you take security into your own hands. You can install a powerful cloud firewall or other security software to keep your customer data safe.

Software Development and Testing

Software developer will appreciate having a coding playground where they can implement their creativity without any fear of doing damage to the web-ready infrastructure of the site. With a protected environment in VPS they’re able to build and test applications without risking unintentional changes to important stuff. VPS hosting offers the type of space needed for developers to replicate production environments, test new features, and debug applications while still being able to reset as needed.

This setting makes it so that any changes or potential errors do not spread to other users or the host system. For this reason VPS hosting is an ideal sandbox for development and testing. With a VPS server you can also scale resources much more quickly so developers can test how their applications perform under different loads.

Forex Trading

We talked about VPS hosting for Forex trading platforms here last week, and we’ll mention it again because it can definitely make the list as a use case. Trading in the Forex market is often an ever-ongoing venture, so your operations must be always on. There are very easily identifiable reasons why VPS is best for forex traders.

Forex trading platforms demand high-speed internet connections and the ability to run algorithms 24/7 without interruption. With VPS hosting you’ll have a stable and reliable setting so your trading software will remain active, and even if you have a system failure of any sort or you lose a Wi-Fi connection. This type of reliability is needed because in the fast-paced world of forex trading, where a delay of a few seconds could result in opportunities for good trades being lost.

Then there’s the way many affordable VPS hosting in Canada providers offer servers in various locations worldwide so that traders can choose a server close to their forex broker for lowered latency.

E-commerce Hosting

For any site that serves eCommerce nothing would be worse than a rush during a sales event that results in your online store being unavailable online just as customers are about to click buy. Ecommerce sites are always going to have complex functionalities like shopping carts, payment processing, and inventory management, and for this reason they require hosting that can support heavy traffic plus being secure enough to protect sensitive customer information.

The dedicated resources of a VPS ensure that eCommerce sites remain responsive and accessible even during peaks where large numbers of visitors arrive and stay on the site at the same time. The enhanced control over the server environment allows for the implementation of advanced security measures, which are super important for maintaining customer trust and complying with data protection regulations.

Running a Game Server

With VPS hosting you can take your online gaming community to the next level with a custom game server. Online gaming communities regularly rely on private servers to host games, and the main reason is because players receive a customized gaming experience with lower latency and better control over the game environment.

VPS hosting has the means of providing the performance and reliability to run game servers smoothly and without lag, even if the server needs to support multiple players in the game at any time. The ability to customize the server environment means game administrators can install the necessary software, adjust configurations, and implement security measures to protect against attacks. In this way you get a stable and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants.

VOIP Hosting

There is nothing to like about having an important client’s call be dropped just as you move into the deal-sealing part of the conversation. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services allow for voice communications over the Internet, but stable and reliable connections are needed to avoid frustrating lags and choppy voice quality. VPS hosting is ideal for having the dedicated resources and robust network infrastructure necessary to support VOIP applications.

With a VPS server behind them you get high-quality voice transmission without delays or disruptions. The flexibility of VPS hosting allows for easy adjustment of resources to accommodate growing call volumes and ensure calls have really good sound clarity too.

Personal Cloud Storage

Public cloud storage options like Dropbox are convenient, but needing more control over your data is a common complaint that people will have. VPS hosting is cloud storage and done the personalized and secure way.

With affordable VPS hosting in Canada you have complete control over who can access your private vault, storage means, and what security measures you have implemented. You also choose the encryption methods and backup solutions to create a robust security perimeter, and this is exactly what you need for safeguarding personal or sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access.

With VPS hosting you have a customizable and secure alternative to traditional cloud storage services.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

It doesn’t take long for a person who has a website serving business interests to learn that anything can happen, and often what does happen is unexpected and not in the interests of having your site 24/7 accessible on the web. This fact is a paired with a similar one that see cybercriminals being excellent at taking advantage of unforeseen events.

Both businesses and individuals will want reliable ways to back up critical data along with having an established disaster recovery strategy for a website. The best VPS hosting offers a flexible and secure environment for setting up backups and disaster recovery solutions, allowing configuration of automated backups and replicating data across multiple locations for redundancy.

The dedicated resources and isolation of a VPS makes it so that backup operations will not detract from the performance of live environments.


It’s in the power and versatility of a VPS server that so many different use cases are best accommodated with them. VPS web hosting in Canada is more expensive than shared hosting, but with the right provider it is often more affordable and you need to consider that for many businesses this is an expense that is going to be a part of doing business smartly.

The distinctive VPS blend of dedicated resources, enhanced security, and scalability makes VPS far and away the best choice for eCommerce websites, Forex trading platforms, software testing and development, and more. For reliability and superior performance you are likely to find your best fit with cloud VPS hosting from 4GoodHosting, and you’ll like what we have done to qualify as a green web hosting in Canada provider too.

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