MarketGoo is a slick and powerful solution to optimize your website for search engines

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Dear 4GoodHosting customers and visitors ,


We have replaced the “Attracta” search engine optimization tool with a more modern and effective “seo” optimizer for your website. With this new included tool, MarketGoo, you will be able to get your website ranked faster and higher; helping you with your overall website marketing.


We hope that you decide to take advantage of the new service. As with most new services we offer, this one comes with your hosting package at no additional charge.

How does the Marketgoo application work?

MarketGoo’s unique toolset will analyze your website regularly. It will suggest from an assortment of about 200 actions and recommendations; which will be tailored specific to your website and industry. So every single task that you complete while using MarketGoo will be driving your website closer to online success.

Where will you be able to find it?

If you remember seeing the “Attracta” icon, you will now see “MarketGoo” there instead, in the “Marketing tools” section.

How can it benefit you / your website?

The Marketgoo application helps you market your website and enables you to improve your website ranking in google and other search engines by “optimizing” your website’s Search Engine Visibility, Link Building, and Social Media marketing; and it also benchmarks your site against your competitors. It will help you perfect your website’s structure and content and to help you with promoting the relevant keywords associated to your business.

Using MarketGoo SEO tools, you will be guided on submitting your website into Google. It will optimize your website to rank in the highest position attainable for the particular keywords that most people use to look your type of business. You will be able to easily and frequently test your results at Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Marketgoo crawls all over your website and generates a list of optimization tasks which in turn will help you achieve your marketing objectives. It will tell you what needs to be done, and what you or your editor/webmaster will need to edit the html of your various webpages.

MarketGoo’s Link Building tools show you links that your ranking competitors have. This way you can at least start duplicating what they have already done; and subsequently soon start competing head-to-head with the already established competition.

MarketGoo’s Social Media tools will help you to investigate where your customers are talking about your domain/website online. The toolset also shows your how to increase your “presence” and effectiveness of your inbound marketing. It will help you to develop a social media strategy that connects with your customer base and therefore will translate into higher visibility and sales.

To measure the effectiveness of it all, Marketgoo will display analytics and competitor benchmarking to help you in seeing and understanding your improvements; in a simple/visual way. You’ll be able to visually see the increases in visitors to your website.

How can you get started right away?

To utilize Marketgoo, just log into your cPanel and click the appropriately titled icons within your “Marketing Tools” section.

You can use Marketgoo for free to get your site into google and some limited other services, but the following are the paid service plans with additional services and benefits:


And we Thank you for choosing 4GoodHosting! We look forward to serving you into the future.

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