Benefits of Linux Hosting over Windows: Dive Into the Advantages of Linux Hosting

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Benefits of Linux Hosting over Windows: Dive Into the Advantages of Linux HostingThere are all sorts of instances with utilities where one is going to be more of the universal fit than others. A good example would be how micro USB has become the standard for USB rechargeable devices. Sure, some may do fine with another type of USB but most are going to best served by a micro USB charging, When it comes to Linux web hosting in Canada it is totally the micro USB-equivalent for web hosting. The only types of websites that will NOT be most optimally served by having Linux OS servers behind their website are Windows website. Which leads to our comparison here between Linux and Windows hosting.

The reason that most Canadian web hosting providers will choose to go with those Linux servers is twofold; the primary reason is that this type of web hosting is the best fit for a website 9 times out of 10 and if it is optimized for Linux it will be better set up to function fully and optimally. The second reason is that Linux is an open source OS, and that means it’s less expensive for the host to offer this type of web hosting to clients. In that sense it’s very much an easy decision for them to go with Linux.

But what about for you? The average person doesn’t know anything about how web hosting works or how Internet marketing works for that matter. And if they have a Windows infrastructure site they may not even be aware of it. We can identify it for you, but our focus here is Linux vs Windows for web hosting and that’s where we are going to stay. But we do know that it’s these types of people and others interested in learning more about the workings of web hosting that will be keen to learn more about Linux advantages as compared to those for Windows.

However, there are times when all the points for versus against don’t add up to a definitive conclusion. That may be the case here, but we really don’t think it is. Anyways, let’s get into it.

One and Not Another

Choosing a server for either personal or business use is going to require a choice between Windows and Linux is crucial. Both systems offer unique features that suit a variety of needs and our intention here is to discuss the pros and cons of each to help you choose the type of web hosting that will best accommodate your website.

It’s a perfectly understandable if someone doesn’t know the difference between the 2. Let’s start with Windows. It is a widely used operating system developed by Microsoft and features an intuitive graphical user interface and wide compatibility with Microsoft hardware and software. Alternately, Linux is an open-source operating system that is highly stable and secure ad comes with great flexibility and versatility.

We will get deep into the pros and cons of Windows and Linux, but before we do we’ll quickly mention that Ubuntu and Debian are in our opinion far and away the two best distributors if you do decide on Linux hosting. But you’re not going to do that until you’re convinced that it is the one better suited to your needs.

Windows Server Benefits

By this point it’s likely clear that here at 4GoodHosting we are strong proponents of Linux web hosting Canada. But at the same time we’re very much aware that Windows if going to be a better fit for some. The benefits of a Windows server go beyond its familiar interface and broad compatibility with business software and so let’s explore other benefits that might sway you towards Windows Hosting Canada if you are choosing between operating systems.

One thing that Windows definitely has going for it is intuitive usability. Windows is designed to be intuitive and accessible to users of all skill levels, and that will include those who lack computer experience. It is easy to navigate and use for both administrators and users who have an existing familiarity with other Microsoft products. The next plus for Windows is high software compatibility. There is a wide range of compatible software for it, and this makes it easy to integrate applications and systems.

Plus there are many enterprise solutions designed specifically to work in Windows environments, and one of the things this does is make software deployment and management easier. You also have high hardware availability with Windows. There are numerous drivers developed and supported by Windows for a wide range of commercially available hardware, while there are definitely limits to hardware availability for Linux. That said, for the average web hosting plan for a basic website there won’t be any need for additional hardware.

Windows also has favorable web services deployment. It offers a number of built-in features and services that deployment of Web services a lot faster and easier, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) for hosting Web sites and Web applications, and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for the development of secure and scalable Web services. Lastly, Windows hosting servers have good levels of security, performance, and safety measures.

Windows Server Drawbacks

The first thing every webmaster is going to chime in with here is definitely that Windows servers face high licensing costs, along with security vulnerabilities and other issues that have caused some to reevaluate their server needs. That’s the most prominent drawback, but there are others too. We also need to point to the high initial cost with a Windows server.

Windows requires the purchase of server licenses and access to additional services, which can be a painful up-front costs for those who have a limited budget for taking their business online with a website and web hosting. Then there is the issue of uninstall residues, as when you elect to uninstall a program in Windows it tends to leave residue on the system. Contrastingly, uninstalling a program in Linux does not leave any residue and the process is quite simple with Linux web hosting Canada.

We really should go into security vulnerabilities much more deeply. Although Microsoft has made ongoing efforts to improve the security of Windows, the OS is comparatively still more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware. These vulnerabilities can put an organization’s data and infrastructure at risk of loss, theft, or manipulation. It is essential to implement additional security measures and stay current with security updates to counter these risks.

Windows is also not flexible in the same way. It has a limited ability to optimize and tailor resources to a user’s specific needs as compared to Linux, which offers greater flexibility and control over the use of system resources. Last but not least in drawbacks is the fact that Windows tends to slow down over time as you use it, while Linux tends to maintain agile performance no matter the usage time.

Linux Server Benefits

We now have the positive and negative aspects of Windows in our rearview mirror, and so it is time to move on to those of Linux. It certainly does have major advantages, ranging from stability to flexibility to robust security. We mentioned at the start there is that Linux is an open source OS, and that leads to our first big benefit – Zero Licensing Costs. In addition, the vast majority of its distributions are free so companies are not required to pay licensing fees to install and use Linux on their servers, which can result in significant savings with Linux web hosting Canada.

Next up is Linux’s high flexibility and how it gives you the ability to customize. Linux is highly customizable and flexible, so system administrators can tailor the operating system to their specific needs. With access to the source code and many distributions (distros) available, their server environment can be nicely tailored to meet what they need in regards to performance, security and functionality requirements.

Linux also gets really high marks for stability and reliability, as it is an OS that is designed to run efficiently even with the heaviest workloads and Linux is able to run for long stretches without the need for a reboot. This stability helps ensure the continuous availability of critical services and applications. More robust security also goes to Linux web hosting Canada, and especially with the way it is more resistant to malware and cyberattack. The Linux security architecture is based on sound design principles and an active community that is always working to identify and fix security vulnerabilities.

Virtualization and container compatibility is another aspect of functionality with web hosting operating systems where Linux is decidedly better. It supports virtualization and container technologies such as KVM, Xen, and Docker, which are popular with those creating virtualized and containerized environments to efficiently and scalably deploy and manage applications. You can expect server consolidation, application portability, and rapid deployment of new services.

We recommend Linux web hosting Canada because of its great benefits along with the web host OS being very well equipped with solid security measures, high performance and plenty of speed for websites backed by Linux servers.

Linux Server Drawbacks

Being objective about all this we have to say that while Linux offers many advantages, it also has certain drawbacks and disadvantages. It’s known to have a bit of a steep learning curve as compared to Windows and that will be relevant if you’re a newbie webmaster. For users accustomed to window-based graphical interfaces such as Windows, the Linux command line interface (CLI) can be more difficult to build a working knowledge of it as an administrator.

Also some distributions may require users to learn Linux-specific commands to perform administrative and configuration tasks, and this will extend the learning curve. We need also mention the limitations with software compatibility for Linux OS, and some distributions may require users to learn Linux-specific commands. Without learning those commands they will be unable perform administrative and configuration tasks, and this may extend the learning curve even more.

There can also be software compatibility issues with Linux. While it does have a wide range of open source software and tools available, compatibility with certain applications and programs may be limited compared to other operating systems for any number of possible reasons. Some enterprise applications may not have Linux-compatible versions, requiring workarounds or software emulation to run these applications in a Linux environment.

Limited hardware availability is an ongoing reality with Linux OS too. Although a wide variety of server hardware is supported, compatibility may vary depending on the specific hardware manufacturer and model. Devices that require specific drivers may not be available for all Linux distributions, and just like that server configuration and operation on specific hardware becomes a lot more challenging and time consuming.

The final drawback for Linux web hosting Canada here is potential fragmentation of distributions and versions. The large number of Linux distributions available can lead to fragmentation of the ecosystem, and when this happens it can become difficult to choose the right distribution for specific business needs. This may result in incompatibilities between different software versions and libraries.

Linux Tops Windows for Web Hosting

We’ve now analyzed the pros and cons of both operating systems, and from where we’re sitting it is Linux standing out as the better choice for most. Its variety of distributions, flexibility, stability, active community, and updates that users can choose to install joins solid integration with virtualization and container technologies to make Linux superior here.

Windows does have its own strengths, and this includes the familiarity of the Windows user interface and compatibility with enterprise software. But the drawbacks of licensing costs and security vulnerabilities compared to Linux really do take a lot of the shine off Windows web hosting Canada.

The choice of Linux as a server platform will provide any webmaster and any website with a robust and reliable solution that can more effectively and cost-effectively fill their IT infrastructure needs. But it will continue to be important to remember that your decision may be different based on your specific needs and goals and whether you have a Windows-built website.

We’ll conclude here by saying that if you would like to have a server with one of these operating systems then you are in the right place here at 4GoodHosting. Our Linux web hosting Canada servers have both the advantages of the operating system or distribution of your choice along with high performance and speed thanks to the All Flash disks being integrated into our web hosting servers. This comes with added layers of security too, ensuring the best protection and safekeeping of your data.

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