Advantages of Hosting Your Website in Canada

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There are various reasons and benefits that your website will get when you get a hosting service from Canada when compared other countries, especially the United States.

The first and foremost reason is that, as a Canadian, choosing a service from Canada, you keep your dollars in Canada. This amount is small but the act shows you are loyal to your country. Yet there are some other points that you need to consider. One of the top most reasons that come to many people around the world as an effect of Snowden NSA-leaks is data and personal privacy. Hence, 80% of Internet traffic is routed through US servers and 8/10 of the Internet fiber optic bone links flow in and out of US. It is difficult to have the data and usage guarded totally by NSA surveillance as of today. However, having your website files stored within Canada, and the ability to directly connected to your local Canadian webserver., reduces the chance that your personal information has been read and/or stored by state-actor spies or otherwise malicious entities.

Today, many Asian, American, European and Middle-Eastern companies are looking for Canadian web hosting service providers for hosting their business applications and mission-critical websites. The reasons vary across companies, but since 2012 and 2013 4GoodHosting is consistently signing up more customers from US and other countries and it’s only been speeding up.

4GoodHosting is completely operated and owned by Canadian citizens. Two of the data centers are situated in Toronto and Vancouver. Canada is a politically stable country and has not seen any majorly damaging earthquakes over 300 years. It has rarely seen power outages and high energy costs as are in California and in other states of the United States. When we consider world wide, Canada is a well-known leader in complex Internet technology and tele-communication.

Clients of Canada web hosting companies can have significant advantages like faster loading times, which is a direct result of utilizing a web hosting provider from Canada. Though it is hard to resist the US and other overseas companies with their bait of rock-bottom prices offered, don’t overlook Canadian hosting option as Canadian companies promise and deliver high standard customer service. 4GoodHosting is proud of offering their best customer services possible. You will be treated with the customer service that you are used to that in Canada. Most of our Asians, Europeans or Americans clients will express their views regarding Canada about its attributes such as its friendliness and customer service, which they mainly focus.

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