Using a Hosted Website Builder, the Pros and the Cons

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4goodhosting website builderThe time has come. You decide to redesign one of your website’s pages or just a part of a page or three. Now do you want to spend unknown number of hours writing new code? Most likely not. That is why a hosted website builder application is a good tool for anybody who has a website and and need to make occasional changes. If you want to move one of your website’s page objects, such as an image or a video, using a ‘sitebuilder’ you simply drag it to its new spot and drop it into place. This does not require any coding knowledge and takes just a few seconds.

Having a website is one of the first steps towards business growth and success. It is pretty much imperative for most every business to have an attractive and easy to use website to promote their services and products. However, developing a website from scratch is a time-consuming task.
No need to feel bad. Most people lack basic knowledge of web designing and all the various commercial or shareware utilities and tools with which a website is created. Even less people have code programming and editing skills.

But if you want to have a professional looking website for your business without spending a week or three learning HTML and/or PHP, etc., then an online website builder can quickly come to your project’s rescue.
The clear advantages of working with an Hosted Website Builder ( link: 4GH Website Builder )
4GoodHosting is one such host that offers a website builder with 100+ business templates pre-populated with relevant text, images and navigation; and each one displays on-screen ready to edit. Small businesses can realize their vision and complete their website quickly. Intuitive WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing and drag-and-drop design modules help enable success for people of all skill levels.

The first step is to select a template, typically from the categorized listing of templates by business type. Next is to insert your custom content in it, text, images, videos, slideshows, music, etc. The next step is to ‘publish’ your changes after your updates. No FTP program is needed, the website builder handles all the file uploads to your webserver. This saves your time and effort in building a functional and user interactive website and gives you the confidence to develop more pages and content.

Regardless of how inexperienced you may be in designing and developing websites and web applications, a website builder can accelerate you with making an impressive site within a couple of hour’s time.
Using online website builder certainly is much less costly than find and hiring a capable web designer. Instead there is only a small monthly fee for the website builder, so you can have your website created without involving a large upfront investment.

Advantages of Using Online Website Builder

Some of the advantages of employing online website builder are:

* Ease of use :: Because of simple process implemented into the website editor, our website builder is easy to use. When hiring the services or a web developer, you should keep in mind that for every little change, you will have to pay for it, especially later down the road. However, with a website builder, you have the virtual key to open edit certain sections of your site.

* Selection of templates :: Our 4GH website builder comes with a selection of creative and beautiful templates that offer you many dozens of decent choices for your website’s design. Creating a website takes only a couple of hours when can quickly choose an appearance that suits your requirements and taste. Since the templates are already designed and programmed, there is no coding involved prior to publishing your new website.

* No need to upload files :: When a website is designed locally on a person’s computer desktop, the files subsequently need to be uploaded to a hosting account on the web server. Since, website builders automatically create your website’s files directly into your hosting account; you don’t have to learn how to configure and use programs such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This acts as a to beginners who have never gone through the process before.

* Step by Step :: Our 4GH website builder allows you to build your website page by page, then rearrange them as needed (with the site’s page menu updated for you automatically). Selecting a template design, filling the relevant content details; any person can build a website close to their dreams. So people even with scant knowledge of HTML or PHP can compete on the level playing field that the internet has provided for everyone.

Just from the incomplete list of above benefits; it is obvious that a hosted website builder is a good option to take advantage of. To accomplish your project all you need is reliable internet connection and web browser, such as Mozilla’s Firefox, which allows you to edit and publish your website project from any location. For a 7-day free full trial of 4GoodHosting’s website builder, just enter your email address in the form. If you have any questions on how to use it, you will get a quick reply by writing us at

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