MarketGoo is a slick and powerful solution to optimize your website for search engines

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Dear 4GoodHosting customers and visitors ,

We have replaced the “Attracta” search engine optimization tool with a more modern and effective “seo” optimizer for your website. With this new included tool, MarketGoo, you will be able to get your website ranked faster and higher; helping you with your overall website marketing.


We hope that you decide to take advantage of the new service. As with most new services we offer, this one comes with your hosting package at no additional charge.

How does the Marketgoo application work?

MarketGoo’s unique toolset will analyze your website regularly. It will suggest from an assortment of about 200 actions and recommendations; which will be tailored specific to your website and industry. So every single task that you complete while using MarketGoo will be driving your website closer to online success.

Where will you be able to find it?

If you remember seeing the “Attracta” icon, you will now see “MarketGoo” there instead, in the “Marketing tools” section.

How can it benefit you / your website?

The Marketgoo application helps you market your website and enables you to improve your website ranking in google and other search engines by “optimizing” your website’s Search Engine Visibility, Link Building, and Social Media marketing; and it also benchmarks your site against your competitors. It will help you perfect your website’s structure and content and to help you with promoting the relevant keywords associated to your business.

About the Value of Privacy

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Dear Customer and/or blog visitor,

Please do see this important video presentation. It is certainly worth the time it takes us to wake up to what has really being going on:

For your information, when people send you email to your 4GoodHosting hosted website account (for example: ), or when you send email to another person at another 4GoodHosting hosted website, your email conversation is ‘really’ or ‘actually’ “private” – just like real snail-mail used to be.

We actually do honor your right to control your private information and to guard it from information wholesaling. We don’t look, share, or sell any of your private information. We believe in doing this, and we base our business model on respecting your wishes.

But when you email somebody at a account, then your email is definitely wide open to at least google (and who-knows-who-else ultimately gets a copy of it from them throughout the future). Basically if you have a conversation with somebody using google mail (gmail, or yahoo mail, etc.) then your conversation is being recorded for prying eyes and will be potentially/possibly used to profile you to interested parties throughout the future.

That’s just one point of this eye-opening presentation. We are recommending this video been seen by you, because we believe in the old-fashioned concepts of personal privacy. If you feel the same way, please share the link of this article with your friends.

About the Expanding Universe of Online Gaming

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Hey 4GoodHosting customers and visitors. Here is a topic that we haven’t really advertised before, but we decided to write this article about online gaming.

The expanding universe of online gaming is certainly becoming more popular with no end in sight. Perhaps you are familiar (or an expert) with one or some of the following popular online games.

Just scan over the following alphabetical list:

Alien Swarm, America’s Army Proving Grounds, Arma 3, Battlefield 1942 & 2142, Battlefield 3 & 4, Call of Duty (COD) World at War & Blackops, Contagion, Cube World, Crysis Wars & Crysis 2, Counter Strike – Source & Global Offensive, Day of Defeat, Dayz, Halo,Insurgency, Minecraft, Natural Selection 2, Quake 4, Rust, Sniper Elite v2, Starbound, Team Fortress 2, Terreria, TrackMania 2, Zombie Panic…

Perhaps you haven’t heard or seen just how popular these games are becoming?

Fyi, Microsoft just bought the Minecraft video game company for $2.5Billion dollars(US)?

Here is the details about that:

Mark Perrson, the head of the company, personally raked in 71% of that deal for $1,775,000,000. That’s enough to buy 7,100 quarter million dollar homes!

Maybe you would like to be part of all this action? What better way to learn about the world of online gaming than setting up your own gaming server! Then you will be able to learn what the game is all about and have fun inviting some others from across the internet onto your gaming server to play with you and each other.

Let’s look at Minecraft in this example. Many people around the world have set up their own minecraft servers, to support the many millions of people who play this game daily.

Internal links: How they can either degrade or improve your website ranking on Google and other engines.

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Most of us already know about backlinks, or links from other websites, and how google currently assigns a quality score to different backlinks. For instance if Google thinks many of your site’s backlinks are “spammy” – or not high quality, then they will lower the pagerank score for your whole website. However, if most, or all, your backlinks have good ‘link juice’, or Google interprets most of them as high quality backlinks – especially from other well known or well trusted websites, then you ranking will improve more than significantly.

Internal linking is another subject area. Your internal, or intra-site, links also play a role in how search engines determine the quality of your website, and give a ranking boost to those that follow the below guidelines.

Tip A: Internally link your blog content (you really should have a regularly updated blog for many seo benefits) to your service and/or product pages or category pages.

Essentially if you publish a new blog article that has something to do with a service or product that you are offering (on the same website; as we are focusing on internal links on your website), then definitely link to the relevant page from your article. This applies to category pages as well.

The best method to get higher rankings for certain keywords or phrases is to optimized your link’s anchor text for the correct category or product/service page. So, for example, if you offer ‘solar shingles’ as a product, and you are based in Vancouver, then linking from your article or press release to your product page with the link ‘Vancouver solar shingle sales’ or ‘Vancouver solar shingle installation’ will get your product or service page highly ranked for those keywords. When doing so, also try to make it look natural and smooth within the context of your sentence in your article.

4GoodHosting announces partnership with SpamExperts, the leading Spam filtering company.

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4GoodHosting & Spam Experts Partnership

Hi everyone! Before the end of next week – we are partnering with SpamExperts(.com) to bring our customers one of the best enterprise-level anti-spam solutions.

Next to telephone calls, email communication is certainly the next most important type of communication in today’s busy business world. But as you and everyone else knows, spam, or otherwise unwanted types of email, is only detrimental to our personal communication and individual productivity when reading our inboxes.

Internet scammers are motivated by the dreams of easy money or perhaps simply mischievousness. So utilizing an anti-spam + anti-virus filter is pretty much a ‘must have’ for any email intensive organization today. That is why 4GoodHosting engaged in a partnership with SpamExperts to provide a new time-saving cutting-edge value-added service for you and your website account users.

We are now working on securing you from spam emails, virus attachments, phishing scams, and malware attacks!

Close variant keyword matching – the cost just went up for pay-per-click advertising

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One effective, yet costly, way to help drive traffic to a website is through the use of PPC (pay per click; google-adwords) advertisements. Yet google has found a way and, by the end of the this month, are enforcing us all to use the new adwords policy termed “Close variant keyword matching”. But what does this really mean?

This article is not authored by google, therefore we will skim over the positive spin that they would automatically inject into their new campaigns, but rather focus on some potential drawbacks.

If you read google’s articles about it, it sounds like a good thing; and google plays it up that advertisers already using the new close variant method claim to see an increase in traffic. That may be true: but what is the cost of all the extra ad-impressions being served out?; and perhaps also errant click-thrus by people searching for something ‘slightly different ‘.

So say that you have been used to paying google to advertise your site for keywords ” women’s floral skirts “. So, under the new policy, on he default close-variant matching option “Broad match”, web searchers typing in “women’s floral shirts ” or even “colorful female shirts ” might be presented with your ad. Google might *think* there is a possibility that perhaps a typographical error happened when a person typed in ‘shirts’ and your ad for ‘skirts’ might pop up. This is just one tiny example, as the total domain of possibilities is immense. Perhaps you can quickly think of your own example(s) too.