Benefits of Shared and VPS Web Hosting

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4GH Shared vs VPS
Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

Affordable cost – The benefits shared hosting come in terms of cost as you share a common server with other clients of the web hosting company. With this, we can save money so that we can offer you the services at a lower cost. With less than $10 per month, you can get two different plans of shared hosting. If you consider the features that you are able to get today, our web hosting packages will be more effective and gives excellent value.

Simplicity – We maintain the servers and their associated hardware in our peer data center, provide you with the connectivity and along with it, we will maintain all the server administrative tasks that are complex for you. For those people who don’t know or who don’t have the necessary manpower to run severer or who just need to focus on the critical aspects of their business, shared hosting is a perfect solution.

Apart from this, tools such as control panel software and our 4GoodHosting/4GH website builder will make the environment of shared web hosting easy to understand. Even the most technically challenged can succeed because of the rapid evolution in this type of web hosting technology.

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Are you developing a shared hosting account?

Performance problems: Sometimes performance varies. For example, if you are having average traffic to your website when compared to Joe who is sharing the server with you has a sudden burst in the traffic. To be frank, in shared web hosting, there is a chance of your website getting affected with neighborhood traffic, which causes the sever delays for a second when it is serving pages.

One more issue with shared environment is security that is not sealed-off in shared hosting. Although we are able to provide abundant power to our customers these days, all that requires is one amateur web master to misuse the .htaccess, or another sensitive component for creating a problem on the server. Our server engineers will always diagnose and resolve the problems quickly and will be available 24/7.

Your web applications will be unsecure if you are not that good at development languages like PHP and this provides a gateway for intruders to affect your data. You may face such issues as a hacker is sharing the server space to compromise it. The shared hosting that we provide is robust and we will always monitor our servers so this is just a warning. As the shared hosting environment has a basic structured, it leaves hackers to introduce something new not yet known. Even if it is the case, our server engineers with their expertise work 24/7 and resolve the issues without making any delays.

VPS plans are also a great value, so if you prefer to be in total control of your web server with guaranteed resources, please see our various VPS plans at Canadian VPS Hosting


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