What does your website’s “About Page” say to your audience?

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One page that is most often visited on a website besides the front page is the “About [Us] Page”. People want to know where a particular website is coming from, so they can better judge and trust the source of information or your business. However, most websites don’t utilize the “About Us” page to better form a relationship with their visitors.

It is often used to present important key information about yourself and/or your business. It is a page that can help you form more of a personal connection with each of your visitors.

If people can relate to you or have respect for the history of your business, they will be much more inclined to do business with you.

Be Humble

When you elaborate about yourself, your accomplishments, or your business, you should do that in a way that won’t turn off your readers. If you just list your accomplishments, that will likely be off-putting to your readers; which will make it harder for them to relate to you.

A way around just listing your accomplishment is to speak of your accomplishments inside of a story, the more humorous the better.

The focus of your About Page should really be about your visitors

People like to have the focus on themselves as well. If your about page just talks yourself and your accomplishments if will be like have a conversation with somebody who is just talking about themselves. So try a different approach and try to make your “About” page about your visitors. One way to do that is to tell them all about the benefits they will gain if they keep reading your website. The aim is to keep it as interesting as possible. If you address their needs right away, they will stick around.

Write with emotion and feeling, this will help to get them more fascinated about what your website is offering. Try to make your visitors feel like they are wanted and invited to be part of the action. When you can relate that you deeply understand a person’s needs; then it is much easier to get someone to join in and take action.

Show your visitors that you understand them on an emotional level. Make your visitors feel as if you can read their minds. Display to them that you can solve their problems; and that you’ve done it before for others.

Finish up the page with a “Call To Action”

You ultimately need to lead the visitor into what you want them do next. Since about pages often get the most attention, this page should end with a call to action statement – such as opening a subscribe form, or highlighting a link back to your product page(s), or whatever course of action is most appropriate for your particular service.

The “About” page is one of the most important pages of a website. Create this page just right, with also maximum focus on your visitors; then you will see subscribers and customers flowing in at a higher rate.
In one sentence, provide as much incentive for your visitors to continue having a conversation with your service/business.

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