Toronto First to Get 3 Gbps Internet from Bell in Canada

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Patience may well be a virtue, but few of us have much of it when we’re doing whatever is we’re doing online. We all remember those ads from years ago when broadband internet was new where they compared the previous super slow speeds as sucking a milkshake through the narrowest of straws. We’re a long way from that, and while the standard 1.5 gigabyte-per second speeds have been quite nice if there’s improvements to be made well then let’s get right to that.

Bell is one of the big players as a home broadband internet provider and they are the first to now be making 3 Gbps internet speeds available to Canadian consumers. We don’t need to talk about how this will appeal to people, and the needs for ever-better download and upload speeds is something that those of us here at 4GoodHosting will relate to in the same way any good Canadian web hosting provider would. We are tops for VPS virtual private server web hosting in Canada and we know that is sites like these with dynamic content that will be among the many that are better served this way.

People with sites hosted are going to want to have uptime guarantees for sure, but let’s not forget that these faster Internet speeds in Canada are also going to pair exceptionally well with the new 5G networks, and what is most noteworthy there is what that will do for Internet of Things applications and all that is set to do for the welfare of humanity and more.

Toronto is Canada’s most populous urban area, so it likely makes sense that the new 3-Gig internet speeds are going to be made available there first. Exciting news for anyone in Hogtown, so let’s use this week’s entry to look into this in greater detail.

Sub-30 Seconds

Downloading a 10GB file might not have necessarily been daunting in the past, but you would certainly understand you wouldn’t be viewing anything anytime soon. With this new type of high speed internet, it is a whole different story. Bell announced this new plan on April 6th, and as mentioned the fanfare expected for doubling existing Internet speeds to a full 3 Gbps is needing no explanation. That’s for both download and upload speeds, and we haven’t touched on what this will do for gaming either.

At peak performance, users can download a 10GB file in under 30 second and the plan is ideal for users like content creators who have ongoing needs to move data to and from the cloud, and in very large quantities. Downloading games is going to benefit in a big way too, and downloads of tens or even hundreds of gigabytes isn’t going to seem like such a big deal. Small businesses and home offices may see higher productivity levels resulting from the higher bandwidth to increase productivity.

Start in TO, but Expansion Soon

This is all part of making broadband and higher-speed Internet available to all, and Bell is only one of many providers who are taking part in the initiative. They are in the midst of their most aggressive fibre buildout ever in 2022, aiming to connect 900,000 more homes and businesses across much of Canada with direct fibre connections and making this type of upload and download speeds available to all of them.

Bell’s 2-year capital expenditure program has put almost $10 billion into this, and it is now in its second year where the focus is on an efficient and timely rollout of its broadband fibre, 5G and rural networks.

All of this stands to be fairly reasonably priced too – currently this new internet package from Bell is available to GTA area residents for $150 a month, and they are at this time offering the Home Hub 4000 router-modem with Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. If the highest of high-speed internet is music to your ears then get set to be as pleased as can be.

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