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Small Smartphone screens count bigtime too!

We could have entitled this article “The need for pleasing your website visitors who are using mobile device”, and perhaps that would be a better title. In any case the message of this article is to persuade you that it is basically critical to your business not only to have a website – but to also have a mobile website. So we urge you to consider the little investment in time and the little bit extra per month to develop a mobile friendly website.

Would this mean that your website could require two domains? The answer to that is no. It is actually a better practice to use a single domain and then use an intelligent piece of javascript code on your website to determine if the viewing device is a smartphone or a larger device such as a laptop or a desktop PC or Mac.

For example, if you go to on your mobile device, you will see a different layout than the larger pages you would see on a desktop monitor. If people were required to “pinch and zoom” on their small screens ( to read very small font, or to have to scroll left and right and up and down to read the site content ) – then Amazon would be losing out on many of their sales that come through iphones, and androids, windows phones, and other such devices.

See for yourself if Google considers your website to be mobile friendly:

Go ahead and try your website in the google tool above. Did your website pass the test?

We understand that the prospect of another website design sounds daunting to you.It is even to us. We didn’t pass this test either:

Text too small to read; Links too close together; Mobile viewport not set ;Content wider than screen…





However, despite how busy we are, and how we have often thought people searching for web hosting wouldn’t be doing so from a mobile device – the simple fact is that google is considering it important and is making it a search engine ranking factor; not just for mobile search as of google’s udpate date of April 21, 2015, but for our main website as well!

We understand this, If web surfers are not especially delighted with the search listings that Google produces, they will use the competition’s search more, such as Yahoo of Bing, or even And just about half, 50%, of search clicks are coming from mobile devices these days.

If you have business website, why wouldn’t you decide to add a mobile website?

It does take some time, and doesn’t necessarily cost more per month. So, how can it be free? We offer WordPress with any our hosting account for free, and there are some mobile-geared themes. However, you’d just need to add the piece of code that decides which version of your website to show. We can help you with this for a half hour of time, for a modest service charge, from one of our web developers on staff. Please just write us (at support at if you would like some help with that.

Basically, there are 3 options:

  1. Redesign your website incorporating mobile website responsive web design principles.
  2. Add a separate mobile site. ( We recommend a WordPress theme for mobile sites (free) or our mobile sitebuilder )
  3. Close this blogpage, sleep on it, or just forget about it and stick with a desktop-only version of your website.

Excuses why websites are not made mobile friendly include:

  • You might think that you cannot afford the web development cost.

Well, if that is the case, please take a look at using WordPress, or our Mobile Website Builder. The website

  • Your site is quite large and the content so much.

Well, if it is, hardly nobody is going to read such a large website with so much content through a 4-inch smartphone screen. So, it is best to offer them a teaser through their mobile device, with an option to view your larger site, or inform them to properly view your website, they must use a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Your existing ecommerce application or CMS has much invested into it and yet doesn’t conform to be mobile friendly.

In that case, the same answer as the one above would apply. Just use the mobile site as a teaser, and state on your smaller mobile site that in order for you to see the regular, larger site, and to place an order, please visit the website from a regular PC or Mac desktop or laptop.

Solutions from worst to best:

* Taking no action and just publishing desktop only site is not recommended due to Google’s incremental push for websites to show up well on smaller screens.

* Build a separate mobile site (utilizing subdomain off your main domain or not). How Google interprets matters here can vary significantly depending if things are set up properly or not.

With such a high % of searching now being conducted on mobile devices, the stakes are high. And if your website is not mobile compatible, you need to take some form of action if you want to get mobile visitors from organic search results. It was actually high noon for this a couple of years ago, but it is certainly not too late to take the right steps now. Actually, we haven’t yet, but we intend to get that completed for our website in a matter of 2-3 weeks time.

While ranking high in Google may require long-term efforts, there are quick wins you can incorporate into your SEO strategy to see immediate improvements. These include optimizing your website’s meta titles and descriptions, enhancing the internal linking structure, fixing broken links, and ensuring mobile-friendliness. These are some of the professional SEO service offerings that focus on improving the overall user experience and technical aspects of your website, which can positively impact your rankings in the short term.

SEO services in Canada, such as ours, often emphasize the importance of these fundamental aspects. They lay a strong foundation for more advanced SEO strategies and contribute to the overall effectiveness of your online presence. These strategies are particularly crucial for businesses looking to improve their visibility on a local and national scale.

As you can see, these aren’t very difficult tactics, especially since you can use relevant tools to simplify each process. But as easy as they are, they can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings – whether it’s directly or indirectly. So, leveraging professional SEO service is vital to ensure that these elements are not just implemented but optimized to yield the best results. Use these tips, and consider seeking expert SEO services in Canada to get the most out of your SEO efforts and improve Google rankings significantly.

If you don’t show up on mobile, you can bet your competitors will.

The solution: re-package your business image in a way that people today can read it easily on a smaller screen. The easiest way to take care of this is with our 4GH Mobile Website Builder.


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