The new landscape of the gLTD, Challenges and Solutions

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Did you know that 87 percent of internet users are uncomfortable when visiting new generic top-level domains? Or that according to the latest research by the NCC Group, that 40 percent of web users in both the United States and United Kingdom now fell less secure with the release of the new gTLDs.

In this survey, NCC Group surveyed 10,000 consumers on both sides of the Atlantic in collaboration with IDG Research Services. This survey saw its responses as part of the groups newest study released in April, the New Internet Study.

Interestingly, those respondents in the United Kingdom were slightly more trustworthy, 14 percent, compared to their American counterparts at 12 percent when it comes to trusting a new gLTD.

The respondents that were selected for this survey actively used the internet for transactional activities such as online banking, shopping or managing health care services. Thus, these respondents naturally would be more skeptical of these new gGLTs than those who are new to the internet.

The NCC Groups Domain Abuse Monitoring service has seen respondents fear to be justified. The monitoring service has seen over 50 new gTLDs that have launched for the sole purpose of sending phising emails between April 2014 and February 2015.

However, this is not the first studying dealing with the issues surrounding the launching of new gLTDs. In a 2014 study by Sedo, they found that there are a number of hindrances for the adoption of gTLDs. These include everything from confusion, awareness, security and naturally the cost associated with both setting up and marketing.

This landmark study by NCC Groups was also backed up by a study by the Domain Name Association that echoed similar findings. They found that 14 percent of respondents within the United States preferred to shop with a retailer with a new gLTD, while across the Atlantic, those in the United Kingdom responded with 20 percent of a new gLTD as their preferred shopping choice.

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