10 Good Free Photo & Image Sites for your website project(s)

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This article brings to you information about how you can find freely-distributable copyright free photos and images for you website designs. The following 10 easy to use and searchable websites offer you images free of any cost.


StreetWill organizes and present owner-submitted photos under the increasingly popular Creative Commons Zero license (CCO). CCO permits you to use the images in any way that you want; from person to commercial uses, without cost, or even have to mention the photographer/artist.


StockPic allowing individual images to be freely downloaded from their site. They are bundling new highly rated images into weekly emails. Images on the site are lightly watermarked for their marketing purposes, but when they are downloaded watermark-free and high resolution. Stockpic has its its own distributional license which allows the images free for commercial use and no requirement creator attribution (although giving credit is always a nice touch). The only logical license restriction is that the images cannot be redistributed; so their site cannot just be cloned.


LifeOfPix.com hosts hi-res photos and artwork provided by the Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal, free for personal and commercial use. Life of Pix also offers videos via a related service, Life Of Vids.

U.S. Government Image Search

USGIS and most government agencies are obligated by law to make any graphics they produce freely and publicly available; paid for already through taxes. This site allows visitors to search US government image archives. This includes assets of the NASA Goddard Space Centre Flickr account , the US Nation Parks Service, and the US Marine Corps Instagram account.


UHDWallpapers.org provides wallpapers in UHD (4K) resolution under Creative Commons CC0 . While the images presented for personal desktops, they are of very high resolution and CCZ0 licensing permits them to be used on your website as well.


Superfamous offers a limited but exceedingly beautiful collection of photographs: Scenic natural landscapes, architecture, abstract art, and even fonts. The images are complimentary of Folkert Gorter, and provided under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.


Kaboompics offers downloads of individual images and eMail subscriptions. This site features mostly Food, Fashion, Interior design, and Landscapes.


Cupcake showcases photos by Jonas Wimmerström; licensed under CC0.


PixaBay digitally warehouses over a half million free photos, illustrations, vector images; under a CC0 license. Low & medium-res images are available for download; high resolution images require registration (but free). Pixabay also offers the highest degree of searchability of all the image services presented here including useful search options for colors and resolution. Pixabay is also starting to provide videos with the CC0 license.


splitshire.com offers many copyright-free images for private and commercial use, Their website does not offer a direct search, but the images are sortable by tags.


niice.co – “ Find that spark. Gather inspiration and express your ideas faster.” Niice, despite its hard to remember domain name, is an exceedingly creative website that offers a splendid variety of imagery. They allow visitors to assemble collections called “moodboards”. You just have to see and experience it to believe it.

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