Stay Protected with Web Filtering and SafeDNS

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It’s likely that no one who has business interests online will be unaware of the size of risk posed by cyberattacks these days. It seems like there’s a new high-profile, large scale one every month or so now and it shows that even though major corporations are spending plenty on cybersecurity it continues to not be enough depending on the nature of the threat and how advanced it may be. Another aspect of it that the average person may not grasp as readily is the fact these attacks often have repercussions that go far beyond just leaked data itself.

The one that maybe doesn’t get talked about enough is reputation, as if you’re big enough to be newsworthy when a cyber attack occurs then you’re big enough to have real interests in how your company is regarded in the big picture. There is definitely a risk to your reputation if a cyber attack of any magnitude occurs and you’re left needing to explain how you didn’t have the right level of security in place. Here at 4GoodHosting we’re like any reputable Canadian web hosting provider in that we fully relate to the need for security, and for businesses like ours that has everything to do with servers.

One newer solution that businesses can consider is web filtering and using the new SafeDNS service that promises to reinforce your web security efforts in a big way. That’s what we’ll look at here today and go into greater detail about why it is so highly recommended for anyone who would have a lot to lose if a cyber attack were able to make its way through their current defenses.

Thwarting Malware

Security has to be a foremost concern for businesses of all sizes, especially with more present risks of malware or others when the business is in the process of growing and expanding. And the number of these threats is growing all the time, and the sophistication of them means keeping your business protected online has never been as challenging as it is now. However, there are smart moves you can make.

Moves you should make, if we’re going to be plain about it. As we touched on briefly being hit by a cyberattack may not just damage data, it may have significant financial and reputational effects – as it did for Target, Equifax or SolarWinds to name just 3 of the high-profile cyber breach cases in recent years. It is estimated that over 80% of businesses have been victimized by ransomware, and some of them are reporting cyberattack attempts occurring up to 4 times a day. Let’s also consider the average ransomware demand for a US business. It’s well over $6 million.

Why Web Filtering

Web filtering may sound like an insignificant contribution when you consider the size and magnitude of the threats and the security landscape in it entirety, but it is a technology that can be very beneficial in making sure your business is never put at risk. This is where we’ll take the opportunity to introduce SafeDNS, which is aa comprehensive platform designed to protect organizations from online threats by means of its web filtering technology.

The primary way web filtering keeps your business safe is with monitoring of internet traffic for risks such as malware and phishing scams. It also has the ability to restrict access to unsuitable or dangerous websites, which makes it less likely an employee would create a breach unintentionally when visiting an external site where they simply don’t know any better about why it should be avoided. It is a cloud-based service entirely, and the appeal of that of course is that there is no bulky hardware taking up valuable office space, and it can be set up in very little time too.

Installation is not complicated in the slightest and there will be nothing in the way of deployments that will mean calls-out that can be expensive. But maybe the most noteworthy advantage it has is the fact the platform is run on powerful AI technology that incorporates machine learning and big data services to keep internet traffic safe. And if you need any other reinforcement of the fact that cyberthreats are a pressing concern, SafeDNS reports that overall it blocks some 33 million or so of them every day.

Other Pros

SafeDNS is also built on a network of 13 global data centers, and currently boasts 109 million sites in its database that are then sorted into 61 different subject content categories. The DNS-based filtering blocks unwanted sites before anyone has he chance to access them and create the immediate risk of the device being infected with one of the many types of malware.

What this does is allow for creation of customized policies for your workers, and you can also take advantage of traffic monitoring services and a detailed service dashboard that puts you very much on top of your new and improved cyber security defenses. Plus should your business grow your policies can expand too. There is no limit on the number of users and extensibility during filtering.



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