Google: Reason Why Your Site is Not Ranked for Your Keyword

Recently, a webmaster complained in an online discussion that, one of his important keywords was not listed on Google. He said that the backlinks and the other factors were of quality and he could not find any reason to not rank. So, what were the reasons for the drop in the ranking of the website?

What really happened?
The webmaster was a little surprised that his site did not list for the keyword “”maternity jeans”. A forum member had analyzed the site and to their surprise they could not find anything unusual.

• According to the forum member, the backlinks were okay and they were not spammy.

• Around 417 web pages of the site were indexed on Google.

Why Google deindexed the site for that keyword?

Google’s John Mueller went on to explain why Google had not shown the website for that particular keyword:

“It looks like your SEO (or previous SEO) may have tried to promote your site in a way that’s in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines. Specifically, I see a lot of unnatural links in low-quality articles as well as blog comments left by someone called ‘Maternity Jeans.’

Stopping these practices, cleaning up unnatural links like these, and using the disavow links tool in cases where you can’t clean them up, would be a good step in the right direction.

Over time (and this process can take months), as our algorithms recrawl the affected URLs, reprocess the links found on the web, and update their data, they’ll be able to take the new state into account.”

If you really see, the reason for drop in ranking of the website was due to artificial links.

What does this exactly mean for your website?
This clearly shows that Google is not playing around and it’s serious about removing spammy or low-quality links from search results. If you want your website to rank high in Google, then you should know the below things:

• Artificial backlinks such as low quality articles, blog comment spam, forum spam and other spammy techniques will get your site in trouble.

• As stated by John Mueller, it may take months for your site to recover from artificial backlinks, but it’s much safer.

To promote your website you need to practice white-hat SEO methods. It does take time to get high rankings with these methods, but it’s worth it as it lasts.

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