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4goodhosting_website-migrationMigrating to a better web hosting company is so risky or difficult risky as you might think. 4GoodHosting makes it easy to migrate all of your data, domains, emails, and entire websites – with our *free* (that is; no hidden strings attached) transfer/migration service; while all you have to do is relax and trust our A+ BBB rating.

4GoodHosting’s server engineers, or admins/technicians are already in place to guide you through the process and ensure your migration is completed successfully to your full satisfaction. Our experienced professionals are expertly trained at transferring websites: your files, applications, databases, and email accounts.

Our service agents will guide you through all the typical steps, and we will begin your website transfer the very same day that you sign up for web hosting with 4GoodHosting! Note: If your previous host utilizes cPanel (control panel), then your website can be migrated seamlessly with zero downtime!

We’ve even have a special offer for those customers who are reading this blog and have decided to switch from a competitor! You just need to ask for it by writing us at support @ 4goodhosting.com You will receive an extra complimentary month (for shared hosting accounts) with a year of pre-paid hosting (13 months – a baker’s dozen if you will). Note: we do require a yearly billing schedule and 1-year pre-payment 4 our free transfer service.

  1. Make the decision to signupfor hosting with 4GoodHosting

4GoodHosting has been dedicated to providing Canadian based web hosting solutions for small, medium & large scale businesses as well as hobbiest websites for folks from around the world. See our web hosting plans.

(link: http://4goodhosting.com/linux-web-hosting )

Once you have signed up (and paid up), you will receive a 4GoodHosting welcome email in your inbox. Save this email as it will contain the login details for your cPanel (that is, control panel) – as well as 4GoodHosting’s domain name servers (DNS).

  1. Ready – Set –Transfer Your Site!

Now that you have an active account with 4GoodHosting, please then submit a support ticket for your transfer request from customer portal account. (or you can simply email us at support@4goodhosting.com).

Just let us know how we can best help you, and a technician will reply as soon as possible to begin the migration. Our team will begin working on the migration and will handle everything related to transferring your files, emails, DNS settings, etc. When you submit your transfer request ticket – provide us with access to your current hosting providers control panel. If your current host uses cPanel we would need the login information. If your host does not use cPanel then we’ll need access to their control panel interface to download your files, email, and databases.

At some point during this process, you will receive an email asking to update the DNS on your domain to our name servers. Our super-duper friendly support team will detail to you exactly how to do this, step by step. Website transfers can take from 1 hour to 48 hours (average 4 hours) depending on the size of your website(s). 4GoodHosting will ensure your website is transferred correctly without any issues or downtime!

  1. Test The Migration

After everything has been uploaded and migrated to 4GoodHosting servers, we’ll ask that you test your mirrored website, email, domain name, etc. to make sure everything is looking and working correctly. If you find anything that isn’t as it was on your old hosting provider’s service, just let us know and we will examine it right away! The Domain Name Servers (DNS) can take up to 48 hours to propagate around the internet globally. Once your domain resolves to our server room, you will be all set!

  1. Cancel Your Other Hosting

It is important you wait until after testing your website to cancel your old web hosting service. Once everything is working correctly, then contact your old web host to cancel the service. Ensure you are canceling the “hosting” and note you domain registration. Your can leave the Domain Name with your current registrar – or – transfer it to 4GoodHosting (see Step # 2)

That’s all there is to becoming a 4GoodHosting customer, and leave that other web host that just charges you more or doesn’t answer their phone behind!

Still need help? Our true in-house North American Sales & Support team is available 24/7 online, and during business hours on the telephone! We’re always available to answer all of your questions so don’t be shy to call us up! Contact us here, call 1-866-708-HOST (4678), or open a Live Chat in the lift hand side of our home page . We look forward to serving you and your website into the future.


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