About the Expanding Universe of Online Gaming

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Hey 4GoodHosting customers and visitors. Here is a topic that we haven’t really advertised before, but we decided to write this article about online gaming.

The expanding universe of online gaming is certainly becoming more popular with no end in sight. Perhaps you are familiar (or an expert) with one or some of the following popular online games.

Just scan over the following alphabetical list:

Alien Swarm, America’s Army Proving Grounds, Arma 3, Battlefield 1942 & 2142, Battlefield 3 & 4, Call of Duty (COD) World at War & Blackops, Contagion, Cube World, Crysis Wars & Crysis 2, Counter Strike – Source & Global Offensive, Day of Defeat, Dayz, Halo,Insurgency, Minecraft, Natural Selection 2, Quake 4, Rust, Sniper Elite v2, Starbound, Team Fortress 2, Terreria, TrackMania 2, Zombie Panic…

Perhaps you haven’t heard or seen just how popular these games are becoming?

Fyi, Microsoft just bought the Minecraft video game company for $2.5Billion dollars(US)?

Here is the details about that:


Mark Perrson, the head of the company, personally raked in 71% of that deal for $1,775,000,000. That’s enough to buy 7,100 quarter million dollar homes!

Maybe you would like to be part of all this action? What better way to learn about the world of online gaming than setting up your own gaming server! Then you will be able to learn what the game is all about and have fun inviting some others from across the internet onto your gaming server to play with you and each other.

Let’s look at Minecraft in this example. Many people around the world have set up their own minecraft servers, to support the many millions of people who play this game daily.

Minecraft server is a “java” program that runs on server hardware, such as the VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers) that we offer.


So with a VPS, you can host not only your website, but also a game server that you are the ‘god’ of, for the virtual world that you are creating.

Some people are in the business of selling access to developed game servers that they operate. You can create and advertise such a business model.

Here is a list of all games known to have centralized server capabilities: http://www.game-monitor.com/list/games/ – That’s a pretty long list, about 200 different games that you can run a server for. You can even run a couple of different game servers on your VPS, if you assign each of them different “ports”.

To understand how a game server works in more detail, just see the wikipedia.org page:

If you are up for the challenge, pick your favorite or an interesting game, lease a VPS from us, install your server, and find at least one friend to join you online in your own new virtual world within the game. Perhaps after enough experience you are ready to create your own new game concept and maybe down the road sell it for millions or even billions!

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