Five Significant Benefits of VPS Hosting

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Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server

Overall, the benefits of VPS hosting can easily be summarized as affordability, guaranteed resources, full control, better performance, and security & reliability. Let’s learn about them at length.

1. Guaranteed Server Resources

Different from shared environment which share precisely the same server resources, VPS offers guaranteed resources to every virtual server. Each vps possesses its own storage, data transfer usage, CPU, RAM, IP, and other resources. Even if the neighbored vps consumes too many resources, it cannot influence your site resources and performance. So you don’t need to worry about your site affected by the malicious websites on the same server.

2. Full Control

VPS hosting offer full control and root usage of users. As a result, it is possible to setup the OS as you want, install your preferred control panel and software, and do anything you like to handle and configure your server without restrictions. You can tweak the server to enhance the server performance and install custom applications and scripts to run unique websites; which is not accessible in the shared environment.

3. Better Performance

In the shared hosting environment, users always share exactly the same available resources of a server, which results in the hosting performance decreasing. However, with guaranteed resources, VPS hosting has better performance than shared web hosting. The websites are powered by sufficient disk space and CPU resources to enable them to run well all the times. Besides, with the complete root access, users can customize the server to boost hosting performance.

4. Better Security and Reliability

VPS hosting is alot more secure than hosting that is shared given it is able to install custom and strict firewalls. On the other hand, shared hosting features a big risk on security due to the neighbored websites. If one person’s web site is hit hard, all other websites on a single server get their processing threads influenced. However VPS hosting eliminates this risk. It enables users to test their code strictly and configure custom rules to filter the traffic which which prevents the site being affected by the neighbor attacks or hacks.

5. Affordability

A dedicated server boasts the above mentioned advantages, except affordability. Generally, the server costs 100’s of dollars a month. However, VPS hosting only requires tens of dollars, much more affordable. Using the resources that may match with a server, VPS hosting is the least expensive option for small-scale business websites which require many resources but come with limited budgets.

Who Requires VPS Hosting?

As VPS hosting is advanced with all the above advantages, do you really need a VPS hosting for your site? In general, if the site has the following conditions, it is a good idea to move it into a VPS hosting account.

* Your web site needs more resources than a shared environment provided.

* Your website is not quick enough to handle the traffic volume.

* Your site needs some services which only are powered by VPS environment.

* Your site has particularly sensitive data or has specific security concerns.

* Your small business is growing.

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