CIRA latest factbook shows the rise of mobile purchases

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mobile-website-builderAccording to the latest Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) one in five 18-34 year old Canadians have made a purchase on a mobile device. The CIRA announced its fourth annual .CA Factbook 2015 this last Tuesday, and within it the mobile device is becoming a central hub for ecommerce among the Canadian Youth.

Although the focus is on this trend, the .CA Factbook also presents the numerous statistics and findings that are related to the .CA TLD, which of course the CIRA administers, as well as Canadian internet practices and adoptions.

As of 2013, over $136 million was sold in goods and services by Canadian enterprises, according to Statistics Canada, which is 11% increase from 2012. As well, the trend to buy local, or at least Canadian, as the majority of Canadians spending more money at domestic websites than international competitors.
With this trend to buy Canadian, International enterprises may see a chance to increase sales by creating or partnering with Canadian sites. This potential increase, also points to this Canadian buying power as the future for ecommerce market, or at least those markets, like Canada, that have the level of internet development to allow it.
Along with these statistics, CIRA also found that more and more Canadians are doing research online before coming into a store. As well, online and offline sales accounted for almost 25% of revenue by Canadian Enterprises. Canadians continue to utilize the internet to research, or complete their shopping and the importance of a effective online presence is paramount to a businesses success.

David Fowler, who is the Director of Marketing and Communications for .CA summed it well, “ecommerce represents an important avenue of growth for Canadian companies. Our research found more than 40 percent of small businesses do not have websites, yet all Canadians, particularly younger adults, are increasingly making purchases from mobile devices. Canadian small business need to get online, and they need to be ready to sell on mobile.”
This report also points out that 75% of Canadians now own smart phones, android, windows, blackberry or apple based, and of those 49% of their time online is spent while on their mobile platforms.

Through 2019, according to the latest report by Juniper Research, mobile transactions will account for 50% of transactions online. With the growth of mobile, as well as the latest facts of 87% of the country is online, ranking Canada 13th globally. The time to invest for your companies future is now.
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