[This is] going to wind up breaking the Internet – Google CEO

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On a Wednesday afternoon in the first week of October 2014 in Palo Alto California, some of biggest names in technology, together many less famous others, were talking with harsh words in response to the ongoing US government surveillance scandal; during a meeting to discuss the potential of the ever creeping state funded spying activities.

The event included Google chairman Eric Schmidt, Microsoft’s Brad Smith, and Dropbox representative Ramsey Homsany, and a long list of others.

Breaking the Internet?

They spoke their thoughts on the matter to a Senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden. Google’s CEO warned that the impact of all the hyper-surveillance is “severe and getting worse.”

Fired NSA employee Edward Snowden exposed the US government’s creepy and secretive multi-billion dollar surveillance activities; by coping thousands of official documents (perhaps to a tiny memory card) that clearly outlined the mass surveillance of regular internet user to be far more extensive than the ever-gullible population were aware of.

“We’re going to wind up breaking the Internet,” Google’s chief added.

World-wide effects and ramifications on the US economy

The concerned interests focused on the sequence of issues…