10 Good Free Photo & Image Sites for your website project(s)

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This article brings to you information about how you can find freely-distributable copyright free photos and images for you website designs. The following 10 easy to use and searchable websites offer you images free of any cost.


StreetWill organizes and present owner-submitted photos under the increasingly popular Creative Commons Zero license (CCO). CCO permits you to use the images in any way that you want; from person to commercial uses, without cost, or even have to mention the photographer/artist.


StockPic allowing individual images to be freely downloaded from their site. They are bundling new highly rated images into weekly emails. Images on the site are lightly watermarked for their marketing purposes, but when they are downloaded watermark-free and high resolution. Stockpic has its its own distributional license which allows the images free for commercial use and no requirement creator attribution (although giving credit is always a nice touch). The only logical license restriction is that the images cannot be redistributed; so their site cannot just be cloned.


LifeOfPix.com hosts hi-res photos and artwork provided by the Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal, free for personal and commercial use. Life of Pix also offers videos via a related service, Life Of Vids.