More Snowden revelations: Canada spy agency is recording everything you do,view,say,and download – maybe you should help alert others?

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Movie, photos, music sharing websites and email servers, globally, are targeted in mass terror surveillance

Forward: Would you like having your house searched anytime some agent from the government felt like it? Maybe next we’ll be coerced to give the government a copy of all our keys to our houses and vehicles? Well, guess what, that is almost happening. Many governments, not just our Canadian system, are already actively searching through most everything you do through your internet connections. Years ago we didn’t expect that… how creepy right? If that has already happened, then what is next? How can we put a stop to all these limitless intrusions of privacy? Does our constitution really rule the government, or does the government absolutely rule us? Frighteningly, they have labeled all of us as suspects in this war on terror environment in which agents of the current system still in power have created. Strong words? Well just look at what is being done to us today.

Canada-based CBC news has learned that Orwell’s hellish vision of a future ruled by bureaucrats and thugs is already here, yet it is still cloaked in secrecy. Every day Canada’s electronic spy agencies are sifting through hundreds of millions of videos and documents emailed by all of us all around the world, spending untold billions; allegedly to find extremist suspects.

But maybe they are mostly really looking for people that resent the unchecked amount of power this system in claiming over all our lives. Most likely so. This started gearing up right before 9-11-2001; of which over 3000 architects and engineers in America and elsewhere have sufficiently proved their claim that was a staged hoax on the world or or “inside job” by this very same interconnected system that is incrementally and relentlessly putting the screws down on all of us now years later. We have been fooled our of our previous way of life, and we are still to timid to get on the same page and fix these kind of issues. Here too. You can share this article with 100 others – why don’t you? That is pretty much this case in point.

The “Communications Security Establishment” project recognized by the name “Levitation” have surfaced from inside a formerly secret document obtained by exiled [to Russia] U.S. whistle-blower Edward Snowden; and has been recently studied and released by some additionally concerned people. The word “Establishment” in the organization’s title has another meaning. Thee Establishment refers to the majority of the upper class who controls most facets of our society through their collective wealth; and quite synonymous with “Aristocracy”.

The document reads that the Levitation program, mostly scores of analysts with the electronic eavesdropping abilities, is in total spying on thousands of websites each day, including youtube, rapidshare, vimeo, liveleak, sendspace, metacafe, the now seized – and 100-200 long list of other ‘suspect websites’. What you have viewed, and what you will view online is associated with you online profile. IP addresses are the core targeting method, but whenever you enter your name or email address on a form through you IP address on one of their surveilled websites, their system has a good handle on your identity too. Once a suspicious file-downloader is identified, analysts can plug that IP address into Mutant Broth, a database run by the British electronic spy agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), to see five hours of that computer’s online traffic before and after the download occurred.

“Every single thing that you do, in this case uploading/downloading files to these sites, is being collected, archived, and analyzed,” the director of the University of Toronto’s internet security think-tank Citizen Lab has stated.

In the mentioned 2012 source document, a CSE analyst, who actually wrote it, jokes about being having to view so many files; such as so many episodes of the musical TV series “Glee”; in their seemingly always fruitless hunt for potential enemies of the state.

The U.S. news website The Intercept, obtained copies of the document directly from Edward Snowden and initially reported on all this utter monkey business (and really a complete secretive waste of so much taxpayer funding).

The document is really a PowerPoint presentation. It has simply provided a rare glimpse into Canada’s cyber-spying network plus its use of its US and foreign spy partners’ vast databases designed to spy on the web surfing history over a billion regular people around the world, including most every Canadian!

Maybe this type of news will be of much greater interest soon as the Harper government is planning to hammer in new legislation to maximally expand the the powers of Canada’s security agencies. Just frightening,eh? { It certainly appear they won’t stop unless all of us stop them. Isn’t enough too much already? What do you think? Should we cower in fear instead? }

If you have thought the US is by far the worse of the spy-state countries, including Britain, New Zealand, and Australia, think again. This document reveals the CSE worked on developing this ‘extremist tracking’ program first and foremost!

“It’s really the first time that a story has been reported that involves [the Canadian CSE] as the lead agency in a program of pure mass surveillance,” said constitutional lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald who is with The Intercept, and who has been most helpful in offering Snowden’s information to the public.

Canada’s electronic surveillance agency said it cannot comment on the “secret” program, but in true cover-up form they said its “metadata analysis” (aka. BS) is designed to identify foreign terrorists who use the internet to somehow threaten the security of Canada and Canadians (which sounds scary — but in reality is Canada really their target? No, as we are not out killing uncountable thousands of innocents in so many countries like the US war machine is. )

“CSE is clearly mandated to collect foreign signals intelligence to protect Canada and Canadians from a variety of threats to our national security, including terrorism,” agency spokesman Andrew McLaughlin wrote in an email to the CBC news organization.

The Levitation document says that access to the data comes from unnamed “special sources,” that in previous Snowden documents seemed to refer to telecommunications companies or cable operators.

In one example in the top-secret document, analysts also used the U.S. National Security Agency’s powerful Marina database, which keeps online metadata on people for up to a year (or so we are told), to search for further information about a target’s Facebook profile. That is how identifications are made; with apparent disregard to public wifi-network activity which can logically produce such false connections.

The Levitation project resembles a “giant X-ray machine over all our digital lives”.

Question for you: Is engaging in wholesale mass surveillance the appropriate means to a justifiable end? Especially in the context where, in this country, you, a regular Canadian, have very little oversight in any meaningful sense.

The least and most you can do is help inform others of what has been and is still going on.

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