5 Ways to turn your Blog into a Revenue Stream

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Make Money Blogging presented in the form of binary codeDo you already have a blog? If so, you might have a potential money-maker on your hands. When you find yourself investing your time & energy into something like a blog, it’s only natural that you eventually get paid for it, not only to help sustain yourself, but to also be able to push yourself further to offer more.

A blog by itself meets all the criteria of a full website, and therefore it is possible to use it to create a small business.

By posting interesting, high-quality content, and by adding in the right measures for optimizing SEO (Search Engine) exposure, you can gain hundreds if not thousands of visitors. If you have a stream of visitors, you can you convert that into a revenue stream.

So how do you go about making money with blogs?

Here we list the most popular advertising techniques that paid bloggers utilize daily:
The quality of your content should never be compromised for the sake of advertising revenue. If your content becomes overpopulated with advertising techniques then it will only corrupt the flow of your content, it will seem too commercialized and you will surely lose readers over it.

1. Create or Promote a Product

A great way to earn money is to produce and ship a product and make some extra money from that. It can be a digital (downloadable) product too; such as e-book or even an online course. Creating your own digital or physical product as a blogger should be an exciting path to online success.
Types of products a blogger might create and sell:
· Retail (or wholesale) merchandise
· Ebooks, Webinars, Online Courses
· Software, Plugins, Apps
· Video, Audio, DVD
· Reports

Note: a successful product launch also begins with great timing. You probably will feel a sense of urgency in introducing your service or product, but rushing could also foil your ambitions. If after second thought, postponing your product launch until everything is perfectly in place could mean the difference between experiencing no traction or receiving glowing reviews.