Common Mis-steps on Social Media Platforms

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To allow for your business to grow maximally you probably already know you need to be on social media. For best results, it is important that have a thought-out strategy strategy. Here are a list of common issues that tend to minimize results.

A. Not having a separate profiles for your business

Imagine having your business mixed with your personal life on facebook. That could easily be a disaster, so the same applied for other social media channels as well. This will create an atmosphere of purely business conversation with your audience.

B. Not responding to messages

If you have many social media account, then you will have the more places that you are going to have to manage and check for messages. If you are able to forward your messages to your email, that will help you keep track of everything. Generally ignoring messages or not responding in a timely manner will only produce dissatisfaction customer in your customer base. Start small r with social platform first and then only build another network after you have mastered and feel comfortable with engaging your current audience. Start with the social network which has the highest percentage of your target audience online.

C. Boring your audience

Are your status updates too similar, or exactly the same, each day. If you are tuning out, your customers probably are too. To cure that, brainstorm some more. Also you can also try different themes/styles once in a while, perhaps ever quarter, or 3 months to help keep a fresh image. Humor is also good medicine to insert in place of writing blocks. You can easily search google images for various humorous images Also check out where you can profile and analyze your social media statistics; to find the content type & style that audience will like the most.