Maybe a mobile website addition to your standard website is just what your business needs?

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The advantages of attaching mobile website to your existing website can be highly advantageous in today’s mobile-equipped world population. When people are out and about, and certainly at times when someone’s home internet service is interrupted, people look up information through their Android smartphones or iPhones. When our friends, family, and neighbors are commuting in their cars or on a train or just walking around downtown – they after often web searching for local, national, or even global businesses.

Every day, the number of mobile devices (especially smartphones, android tablets, i-pads) grow rapidly. Literally hundreds of thousands more worldwide are upgrading from old-style cell phones to larger screen smartphones. Most everyone eventually will choose to have the internet in their pocket. And already today every other person doesn’t leave home without his/her cell phone, especially teenagers; as everyone knows.

Mobile websites are really new marketplaces, like desktop/laptop websites have created; and are always winning new customers to a greater degree each new day.

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68% of private-smartphone users have already purchased products or services (like eBay, Amazon, hotel bookings, AppStore, etc.) with their mobile device. {source, Spiegel Online} From the same poll, 70% – about just as many, of all smartphone users expects a simplified mobile website, or app, when visiting a online business. Nobody really prefers to pinch & zoom, especially when filling out information forms online; when a fingertip can hardly find the submit button.

Recently published studies still conclude that current mobile Web user experiences are generally still awkward and governed by small display sizes and the poor design of companies’ web sites.

You or I, or us, really cannot do much about the physical design of today’s smartphones, but small businesses can improve the effectiveness of web sites. The aim must be to design mobile websites to enhance, rather than detract from, the small screen size smartphone experience. Our 4GoodHosting mobile website builder solves all these issues for you in one simplified editor/publisher. You will be able to keep you existing big-screen website, but when someone looks up your site on a mobile device, the mobile website will be displayed automatically.

Mobile websites offer:

* Condensed/optimized and quick way of displaying your website’s information. Usability Is key.

* Reduced complicity of navigation on a through your website (no zooming necessary, etc.)

* Search engine optimization (SEO), and google and other search engines do favor websites/URLs that also or conditionally adhere to mobile standards as well. ( Our 4GH Mobile Website Builder conforms to the W3C Mobile Web standard. )

And surely another great advantage of utilizing our 4GoodHosting website builder is that you will be able to update the content of your mobile site often as you like, by simply logging into the editor.

Why not try out a free trial today, and see what a nifty mobile site that you can create today in just an hour or two?

Start here: mobile website builder

Instantly create a free 7 day trial 4GoodHosting Mobile Sitebuilder Account! (Before you forget and just turn on the tv instead this evening. ) Maybe bookmark this page as a reminder. It is fun to make something new, especially a new view of your business. You will be glad you did.

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