How you may get the domain name you want (even if it is unavailable)

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Recently thought up a brilliant idea for a new website and/or product?

Maybe you have already brainstormed a fantastic new website name, come up with a clever slogan, and dreamed up the website design… Then the moment of truth, after typing it into a “whois” search, you find out that the domain is “already taken” or “unavailable”.

Generic domain names are often held by domain brokers, or individual domain holders, so many of the best names are either already being used, or are sold at a premium price for thousands of dollars. This is amazingly all too common.

Despite all the doom & gloom, stories like these can have happy endings. Rather than having to make your choices from a limited selection of generic domains, now you can choose from other domain extensions, known as TLD (top level domains). By thinking outside the box, you can choose a domain name that you like and serves the full purpose of your website.

For example, maybe your passion in life is playing folk music on acoustic guitar and making the world a better place through your music. You dream up the perfect domain name and it is, but when you go to register it you find out that is already ‘taken’. Oh no! Now you are faced with a number of options….

Solution #1

Add hyphens, numbers, or any 1 character of difference so you can register something similar to your intended domain.

For example, or perhaps However these URLs are slightly more difficult to remember and users might have a hard time navigating to your website; unless they are looking you up through a search engine like google.

Solution #2

Add 1 or a couple more words to your desired domain until you find one that is available.

After some experimentation you’ll find that, and or are both possibilities. However, short domain names are best of course; a domain name that is too long can be difficult for some people to type in correctly.

Solution #3

Chose a domain extension that is also relevant to your website.

With just a passing glance at the search results, we see that, meanmyguitar.artist, and meandmyguitar.folk are just a few of the many available choices (and there are way more TLDs than there really should be already: ) Over 500! That’s nuts, but true.

Don’t settle for a domain name that you don’t love. With all the TLDs that are available, you can get creative with your online presence and still create a domain brand that stands out.

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