Four old-school SEO methods that still work if you do it right

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With Google’s recent updates, there has been constant doubts, uncertainty and fear among webmasters. They are not sure which tactics to use to build backlinks to your site and which tactics should be avoided? But, there are some old-school SEO tactics that still work if done in the right way.

1. Forum backlinks

How not to do it: Backlinks that are created automatically from forum will get you penalized by Google. To get automatic forum accounts that have keyword rich links, there are many tools and services that point to the sites of the visitors. But these links are of no use because they no longer work.
How to do it right: If a good quality forum is related to the topic of your site, then a link from that forum can be of a positive influence for your web pages on the search engine positions.

2. Directories

How not to do it: Submitting your website to directories in bulk that accepts any kind of site will not improve your rankings.
How to do it right: A directory which is of high quality and which delivers targeted visitors to your site, then you should submit your website to such directories. Links that come from authoritative directories that follow submission guidelines that are strict then such directories are good for your site.

3. Guest blogging

How not to do it: Using the same article on different blogs will not work and using keyword rich links in the article may get a Google penalty. If you are guest blogging only for the purpose of getting links then better not to do it.
How to do it right: If you write guest blogs that are related to your business then it will drive targeted visitors to your site. Your guest blog should offer the readers some valuable information and insights they are looking for. By doing so it will bring a positive influence on your website’s performance.

4. Link pages

How not to do it: If the link pages of your website has links to websites that is not related to your business, then these link pages are not helpful for your website.
How to do it right: The link pages that are highly themed and that contain links that are related to high quality websites are not only good for your website visitors, but also to search engines.

To summarize, spammy backlinks do not work, only building real backlinks work.
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