Design Concepts that You should Consider When Designing or Redesigning Your Website

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Are you planning to bring a new design to your website? Or for redesigning and worried of how to start? If so, you need to read this article. In this article, we’ll discuss concepts that you should consider before you design or redesign your website.

When thinking about your website design, sketch regularly

The benefits of sketching is you can note your clients’ requirements accurately.

Sketching helps you organize the content, you can structure the concepts that the client requires and some other aspects related to web designing.

Make a brief blueprint or the algorithm before you start designing the website. It’ll cost nothing and it is very easy – just you need to have the basic knowledge of sketching.

Making a blueprint of web designing is also one of the finest approaches to convey your ideas about the layouts.

By making a blueprint before you start web designing process will give you new ideas.

Sketching also helps you get new ideas instantly and by this, you can save time.

If you directly experiment with models or codes, it would be difficult.

Sketching is a very easy task and you can create it with ease, only you know is how to draw boxes, curved lines, arrows, etc.

The boxes, curved lines, etc., are the fundamental tools. Sketching makes it simple to draft a design.

For sketching, you don’t even need to have an art degree.

Of course, you can communicate with clients clearly about the blueprint and the whole process behind the design.

You need not struggle for a good artwork.

Designing isn’t just visual

Designing is not just the appearance; it is the complete experience from the time the users visit your site to until they leave.

Design represents ‘how’ and ‘why’ people or clients want to use the website, the communication between hover, click (and touch on portable devices); even including the speed at which the site loads up.

All these concepts constitute design, because design is more than just the visual condition, and it represents the total experience and even every person on project even the designer.

Designs should focus on users

Your site visitors are predominant and they are always at the cutting edge of every opinion about website design or applications.

Design should make your users easier to reach their goals with speed, effectiveness.

What feeling you want them to have when they visit as well as when they leave your website?

Designers can even use person as, storytelling, and more to help define what they want users to be doing on the website.

The more you think about these over and over, it will be good for your project and even design concepts.

How will you spot ‘lead’ the visitor’s experience?

A professional designer or consultant suggestions will be helpful for you to share their knowledge in all options with you.

Design should also be in the details

All the details are required for making a ‘good’ design into a ‘great’ design.
Considering the details of visitors experience will be the difference between a fulfilled user and a miffed user.

Having the right shade of blue or enclosing the link around particular idea really matters.

The problem with details is it’s easy to get caught. Concentrating on the details in a too early stage is not required and even can slow down the work process.

It is important to understand the information first and then focus on when to specific the details; after visualizing the entire, larger picture.

Use plenty of white space

It is the hardest thing for a developers to grasp: the biggest benefit is to have the proper extant of white space giving the user enough gap.

Breaks are important for processing the information, specially when there is a huge amount of work process.

This is why we have paragraphs and sentences instead of a single long block of running text.

The main purpose this white space is to ensure that it has relationship with other objects on the page, including other space.

If you have a single column of white space then make sure there is another single column of white space around for balancing it.

For example, Apple uses white space more. It showcases their products well in white space.

Keep an graphic/text inspiration folder

By keeping a desktop folder for everything that inspires you visually.

These graphics/text can be photos, videos, posters, T-shirts and other website pages – anything that you may think it’ll give you a new point for the design to add to the existing one.

The simple steps for selecting a piece of design and saving it to a folder makes you to use “design analysis accurate”.

Design is also about problem solving

You must approach a design as a series of issues that need solutions.

Everything on the website should have a reason for being there and these things need to be interesting be helpful for solving some issues for your visitors.

Please see our 4GoodHosting website page that also speaks of design:

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