Coming Windows 11 Update Set to Make OS Run Better on Lesser Hardware

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Even if you’re a Mac person it is not difficult to see why the Windows OS is the dominant one all across the board. And truth is most people are not firmly in one camp or the other when it comes to their computing devices of choice. Mac is always going to be preferable for people who use theirs for creative purposes too, but PCs are going to be the same way for people who are all business and work related for the most part.

One of the things that has been noteworthy recently is how some companies – And Apple most notably – are now starting to make replacement parts available as part of the Right to Repair movement that is growing in strength due to how much e-waste is being generated and how electronic devices of all sorts are being made with planned obsolescence in mind. Microsoft isn’t doing the same with parts but one of the big aspects of the coming Windows 11 update is that the OS is going to now be able to run better on older and more low-end hardware.

In that sense it’s in line with the same ideas, and of course this is a good thing. So many possible examples as to why, but look no further than the thousands of old PCs that are repurposed for education in 3rd world countries and the like. This is not the only aspect of the update that should be talked about, but it is one that we can definitely support here at 4GoodHosting and we’d imagine any good Canadian web hosting provider would feel similarly.

More on Build 22526

Right now the Windows 11 Build 22526 is only available to members of the Microsoft Insider early access program, but it is introducing a number of fixes and enhancements. Many, however, are relatively minor but one worth mention is how Microsoft is using the latest build to experiment with a new approach to indexing file locations. They hope this will help users hunt down important files more quickly in File Explorer.

The reason we mentioned this one is despite the performance improvements seen over the course of recent updates, File Explorer is still just as sluggish and prone to crashes as ever. And for many among the frustrating issues the worst is when utilizing the search functionality. If often takes way too much time to return relevant results, especially if the person is choosing to store a large number of files on their local hard drive.

What’s going to change here is the newest update is going to make sifting through large quantities of files quite a bit faster, and the idea is that will allow people on lesser devices to be more productive with them. Users running Windows 11 on older, less powerful hardware, will now be less likely to suffer performance dips and longer load times.

Other Improvements

Superior file indexing is not the exclusive improvement ushered in with Windows 11’s latest build. We have seen that other upgrades include support for wideband speech when using Apple AirPods that are likely to improve audio quality for voice calls and a new and improved approach to the familiar Alt + Tab Hotkey functionality. Enterprise customers will also like how Microsoft has enabled its Credential Guard service by default, and the way it shields sensitive data behind a layer of virtualization-based security is something that’s very needed in today’s digital operating space for businesses.

In closing here we should mention that the latest Windows 11 build is currently only available to Dev Channel members. This is because there will be 2nd level fixes on the way and these individuals are ones who have opted to receive the most unstable features in advance. It is not known when the new features will make their way into a public build but signs are promising for anyone who’s had issues with an older PC and how well it works with File Explorer.

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