How to Choose the Best Theme for your WordPress (or other CMS) Website or Blog

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After you have secured hosting and installed WordPress (or another CMS), it is time to pick out a theme. Figuring out which theme is best is definitely overwhelming at first because there are about 40,000, free and fee, templates and themes to choose from. In order to help you get through the process of theme selection, the most important things to consider while choosing a theme are listed below. If you utilize these tips, you will have an easier time getting started in the right direction.


One of the great things about themes is that it gives you a place to start and you don’t have to spend days or weeks of work to make it all look good. Another more expensive option is to hire a talented designer to create a personalized blog theme for you, but it’s also great to have some customizable options. This details include being able to alter the general color of your theme, being able to change the header image, and perhaps also the ability to tailor the theme code, that is – if you know what you are doing. The more options you have for customization, the better.

High Readability

A very important aspect of theme selection to consider is to make sure it provides for high readability. The main point of getting visitors to your website or blog is for them, not just to see colors and fancy graphics, but to actually consume and be influenced by your content. So you should choose a theme that utilizes a font which is easy on the eyes and consistent. Even if you think a particular font is cute – if it makes the word is hard to read; then skip that theme if you are unable to easily customize the overall font.

Some additional tips to increase the readability of your website/blog:

* The important of adequate amounts of “whitespace”. Try to find a theme that allows plenty of blank whitespace. Pictures, graphics, text and other design elements can go a long way – there also should plenty of whitespace, in between blocks, in order to give your visitor’s eyes a break.

* Line spacing. Another easy way to make your blog readable is to use line spacing to your advantage; use double spacing between your paragraphs rather than just indents.

* Font selection: Pick a theme with only one or two fonts that are easy to read. Arial, Courier, Verdana, and Times New Roman are always safe fonts to use.

WordPress Update Compatibility

There are various portals that sell WordPress themes. Keep in mind that the one thing you will want to make sure about before purchasing a 3rd party design is that the theme is guaranteed to update with WordPress self-udpates. Otherwise it’s possible to buy a good-looking third-party theme and then find out ,with the next WordPress update, that that theme isn’t compatible with the WordPress changes. Based on that reason, we often recommend purchasing a themes from StudioPress or the Mojo Marketplace.

Mobile Design

With many millions of people now searching the web from mobile devices, building a website blog that is not optimized or “responsive” for mobile isn’t a good idea. Otherwise you might turn away a large portion of visitors to your website/blog. So as a part of your theme selection process, check to make sure that it is optimized/responsive for both desktop & mobile viewing.


As long as your blog is customizable, readable, optimized /responsive for mobile, and forward-compatible/upgradable – you will be in good shape. The rest: color, design, look & feel) – is left to your design requirements!

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