Canadian hosting vs US hosting; the best option for those on both sides of the 49th parallel.

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Canadian hosting vs US hostingCanadians enjoy heading across the border for some great cross border shopping but, when choosing a web hosting company it is important to know what the differences between US and Canadian web hosting and what it can mean for your business. We are going to be looking at the differences in privacy between the two countries, the benefit of having your data near you, the benefit of being under your own nations law, the reason that you should be choosing local and of course the dangers of utilizing a US web hosting company, especially in regards to the DMCA concerns and lastly some added benefits of hosting within Canada. In the world of web hosting you have hundreds of options, and this article looks to show you why if you are a Canadian based business, having your web host based out of Canada is going to help your business succeed.


We first start in the realm of privacy. Privacy is important, no matter what type of business you are running as proprietary information leaking to your competitors can mean the end to your success. However, how your information, and especially who has access to your information, is controlled is completely different between the two countries. In the United States their is practically no privacy protection for data owned by companies. There has been no comprehensive data protection legislation put through, and rather it relies on self regulation within the industry. The Patriot Act also allows federal authorities to block access to your data, as well as authorizes them to spy on you, through your site, all without a court order.

On the other side of the 49th parallel personal data is regulated, and protects information for both individuals as well as businesses. This is from the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act passed through the Canadian government. In regards to your privacy, the only place to store it that is truly secure is right here in the Great White North.

Data Location

If you are looking for a fast loading time in San Diego, you store your websites information in San Diego, but if you are looking for a lightening fast connection in Vancouver why would you use that same data centre in San Diego. Simply put, the closer a data centre is to where your customers are loading your site, the faster it will load. This lack of latency will provide your customers with a strong and fast connection that will allow you to grow as a business. If your current data centre is located in the southern Unite States, like most, it might be time to reconsider your hosting options here in Canada.


When you store your data in the United States you are not under your local law here in Canada, but your information and essentially your site is under legal jurisdiction of the United States. If there are any issues with your hosting provider, the local court of where their data centre is, has jurisdiction not where your business is located. Why would you risk the legal fees, and resources into researching and fighting a case in a state that you are far removed from. Although most will never face this concern, the simple fact that you could be fighting a legal case in Arizona, while trying to maintain a company in British Columbia should be warning enough.

Buying Local

We all have seen the continued trend to buy local in your local grocer, and why are you not following the trend when it comes to your web host. Although there are many multi national options in the web hosting world, whether you live in Vancouver or Toronto there are some great options. When you choose a Canadian company you are also benefiting via your search engine optimization. Choosing a Canadian company will not affect, whether positive or negative, your global Google ranking, but will in fact positively effect your local Google ranking. As Google tends to assume that your IP address and .ca address means that you are in fact based in Canada. As 43% of Google searches, and 50% of mobile searches are via local SEO, this change in ip address can have a massive impact on your bottom line. In laymen terms, if you are based in Canada, and utilize a Canadian web hosting company a possible client has a greater probability of choosing you, over your competitor.

DMCA Concerns

DMCA has continued to be the most pressing concern when operating in the United States, and is the reason that many in Canada, and with growing numbers the United States choose their web hosting nation as Canada. The DMCA at its heart is a good idea, it is meant to take down illegal content that is stored within the United States. However, the issue is the mechanism in which the FBI uses it, and this is especially true with the broad stroke style in which has been operating lately.. Which means that if your site is stored alongside one containing illegal content, your site is going down with the seizure. There is good news, if you choose a Canadian web hosting company, that company does not have to immediately comply with a DMCA take down request. Thus, your web host has the ability to review the claim and isolate the problem site to not shut down the rest of the legitimate sites within the data centre. Further to that, Canadian courts have been wary of allowing DMCA take downs to happen in Canada, and continue to rule against the FBI and their attempts to come over the border.

The others

Here in Canada we have been a bit behind the time when it comes to hosting technology and data centres. However, this is changing, and at a rapid pace. The two biggest data centres in the country, PEER1 and OVH have had massive renovations and now feature world leading power saving technology and even more space. With a lower carbon footprint and even more data space, Canada is becoming a world leader in data centres. This means that Canadian prices will continue to drop, and hopefully within the next few years will be even or lower than our neighbours down south. As well the benefit in hosting in Canada is that you will be paying in Canadian dollars, and the money you are saving from the exchange rate evens out. Plus, if you are a resident of any of the provinces that have instituted HST, you will be able to claim that as a tax credit on your next return.

When you are based in Canada and looking for a new web hosting company, the obvious choice is to look North and choose a local Canadian host. The benefits outweigh the costs, and when it comes down to it, a Canadian company will be able to protect your data, and do it for on par compared to if you bought southern hosting. Now the only thing left is to choose what provider that you will be going with. With our head office in Vancouver, and data centres throughout the country, including downtown Toronto, the experts at 4GoodHosting are a great option. We offer a variety of plans that will fit your business, and with the option of traditional hard drive, or newer solid state drives you will be in good hands. Choose local, and see the difference that a Canadian web host can make for your business.

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