To Brand or Not to Brand

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Brand Branding Marketing Commercial Name Concept

Brand Branding Marketing Commercial Name Concept

Branding is an important concept in marketing. It is a persistent form of advertisement and valuable for the continued success of your business.

In this article we are going to explore it in depth.

Most every company has a brand whether the owners or operators of it are aware of it or not. However, not every business has a brand that matters significantly.

So what makes a brand “matter”? What qualities make a brand appear boring, and what makes some brands appear outstanding?

Let’s examine what makes brands matter and how to possibly transform your brand from boring to brilliant.


Your company’s brand extends beyond a logo and what the colors and design of your website.
Branding is what kind of feelings are invoked in the minds of people, the known reputation of your company; their positive, neutral, or negative thoughts are the backbone of your brand. So branding is a complex and difficult thing to measure.

Apple Computer is of the best example of brand, so we’ll use it here again. When you think of Apple, you mostly like thing about modern, sleek, thin, elegant, and generally beautiful design. What does the Apple brand make you feel?

In other words, think of your brand as the experience you deliver to your users. Brand is built on every aspect from looks to customer service to reliability.

Increase your Branding

How do you develop a brand that grabs people’s interest? It does take more than a fancy website and fancy logo. It takes asking the right questions.

A. Why is your business different?

People have more choices than ever. Differentiating your brand is good idea. By catering to every type of customer you wind up strongly appealing to no one. But by taking a unique stand about what you believe is best, you can create a brand that others believe in as well. Think about it: Why would a customer choose you over the competition?

B. Additional Value Statement(s)

Your personal values likely are the core reasons for doing business in the first place. Why are you doing what you do as passionately as you are?

For example “Patagonia” has a deep environmental stance that is reflected throughout their entire business: their website, their products, their advertisements, and storefronts.

C. Communicating Brand

In what kind of style will you communicate your brand? Will you be elegant and clean, or brash and crude? What you decide upon is up to you, but, it should come across evenly in your web copy, your overall design, and your company interacts with your customers.

Building a brand that people start to love takes time. It takes being honest, and bringing all the facets of your business into common alignment around your brand. The results are most often well worth-it. By building a brand that matters, you’ll also start to cultivate passionate brand evangelists within your customer base, who will do much of your marketing for you, for free.

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