Backlinks : a virtual facelift for your website

If you think it is difficult for your website to get backlinks, because your business is in an industry that’s not that popular. Then there is no reason to worry, because if your site has many blog posts written on the topic that you are associated with, then it is much easier to get backlinks. Your website can get backlinks even if your business or product is uncommon.

Step 1: Create a list of related topics

Always keep your business at the top of the list and start expanding the list.

• Start analyzing the topics that are essential to your business
• Now, analyze which topics are related to your businesses
• Find out your business vertical
• Find the business verticals that are related to your business
• See, which parent category is similar to your business
• Find, whether there are any related parent categories

• Check, if there are broader or loosely related topics. If you are into paper manufacturing, you may consider, “art”, “newspaper”, “office supplies, etc.
• Find who your vendors are
• Check if there are any hot topics or industry trends
• List out your competitors
• List out as many topics as possible

Step 2: Prepare a list of related people and communities

Once you find relevant topics, find relevant people:

• Go through your business associations and then prepare a list of association members
• Check online communities that are similar to your business
• Also find communities that are broadly relevant to your business
• Check who blogs about your topics and other things
• Find out the enthusiasts and experts in your industry

Step 3: Examine and filter your lists
Once you are done with the lists, separate the good ones from the scrap:
• Check the social media profiles and blogs of the people that you have collected from the above list.
• Check if they are active in social media, see their communities.
• Check the relevancy of the communities to your business.
• See, the big influencers.
• Find out the small influencers.
• When you are checking the influencers and communities there is a chance that you can encounter new websites and businesses that seems to be good link partners.
• Some companies won’t have perfect link building opportunities. Don’t be afraid to take backlinks that are not 100% perfect.
• If the link is relevant to some kind of human website visitors, it is a good backlink.

The final outcome:
With this process, you will find yourself acquainted with your industry and also get to know who your competitors on the internet are. Doing research is always recommended and a sensible idea for any business.

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