4GoodHosting announces partnership with SpamExperts, the leading Spam filtering company.

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4GoodHosting & Spam Experts Partnership

Hi everyone! Before the end of next week – we are partnering with SpamExperts(.com) to bring our customers one of the best enterprise-level anti-spam solutions.

Next to telephone calls, email communication is certainly the next most important type of communication in today’s busy business world. But as you and everyone else knows, spam, or otherwise unwanted types of email, is only detrimental to our personal communication and individual productivity when reading our inboxes.

Internet scammers are motivated by the dreams of easy money or perhaps simply mischievousness. So utilizing an anti-spam + anti-virus filter is pretty much a ‘must have’ for any email intensive organization today. That is why 4GoodHosting engaged in a partnership with SpamExperts to provide a new time-saving cutting-edge value-added service for you and your website account users.

We are now working on securing you from spam emails, virus attachments, phishing scams, and malware attacks!

We had a solution in place from years before, as you might have noticed in your cPanel, but we noticed that the performance of that service was degrading with time. But, now we are fixing that for good! Through SpamExpert’s ingenious server-side software which we are running on our servers in both datacenters, Vancouver and Toronto, the SpamExperts enterprise application acts as a middle-man with proprietary artificially intelligent technology to *filter* all incoming email before it comes into anyone’s inbox; therefore eliminating spam before it reaches your eyes!

SpamExpert’s enterprise-capable anti-spam network spanning the globe is a direct result of scanning millions of emails every second of every day; all the while detecting new patterns and identifying malicious email instantly. The aggregate intelligence is shared real-time with 4GoodHosting; assuring instantaneous protection against new variants of spam.

This will be included in all our shared hosting accounts at no additional charge. Our hosting prices are set to remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Better email continuity and delivery, with no more than an extra second of delivery delay.

The new protective overlay of the SpamExperts incoming email filter to our email flow infrastructure actually *adds* redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process. How? If for any reason your mail server is unreachable – which rarely if at all is the case (account suspension due to non-payment?), SpamExpert’s cloud servers spools and stores any delayed incoming email. Therefore all your non-spam emails are guaranteed delivery – under any circumstance; simply preventing email from being lost or ever bounced back to the sender. And if you ever want to see all the spams that were blocked from your inbox, we are also providing an interface for you to review all your spam.

Are you covered with your 4GoodHosting service?

Yes! Each and every prior and new customer of 4GoodHosting is now being protected with any shared hosting package you have (Personal, Business, or Advanced).

The SpamExperts filters have an industry leading rate of approximately 100% filtering accuracy; with close to zero false positives; so none of your important email will ever be lost.

You will no longer need to deal with any amounts of incoming spam email; only improving your and your employee’s productivity. No user or administrative intervention on your part is necessary. Lost time in dealing with spam is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing you and your employees to concentrate fully on business related tasks.

Signup for a Canadian Web Hosting Package today with our new Enterprise Level spam filter!

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