4 Tips For Hiring The Right Business Assistant

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This article will give you some advice on planning how to grow your business. At some point, this typically requires hiring some help, as things get business. Perhaps you are managing another job simultaneously as you transform into becoming an independent entrepreneur? Hiring good help can be a difficult process. Training requires effort, time, and expense. There is also the trust factor. It can be difficult to find out who is really worthy of your trust. People hired over the internet are more apt to be fly by night personalities. Besides being able to find help from a larger marketpool; telecommuting makes it easier for your online staff to find new employment and also ‘re-locate’.

Building an online business from scratch, or simply bringing a product or service that’s in demand, usually requires a large amount of time, energy and commitment. As we continue to invest our time and energy, we find out that our time goes into tasks such as answering calls, managing email, customer service, support tickets, inventory management, shipping, etc., all essential in their own way.

Managing e-mail can turn out to be one of the most time consuming parts of your business. You are always anticipating new messages,replying in a timely fashion, and reviewing past messages, and chasing down those who haven’t replied. It is all part of having a an online business. Eventually when your business grows and revenue starts to build, you will feel the need to shift matters into a higher gear and bring aboard an employee that can help you with these less technical areas; in order to free you up to land more sales or form more business relationships.

A) Am you considering giving up on the new business, because it feels overwhelming?
B) Do you feel lonely while running the show all by yourself, or feel exhausted at the end of each day?
C) Ar matters forcing you to neglect other important aspect of your life, such family life?
D) Is the growth rate of the business inhibited because you don’t have enough help? Do calls get missed because you are already on the phone?

If so, the main issue revolves around manpower. Just look at some of the so-called most ‘successful’ people. They are simply not pulling everything together themselves. 99 times of 100 they have employees helping them with the majority of matters. We are all only human. We can’t talk and email at same time, we certainly can’t talk to two different people at the same time. We can short circuit ourselves if we try to do too much at the same time. Plus, who really like to be rather lonely day to day?

Without out belaboring the point anymore, here are some tips that can help you find the right person to help you manage and grow your business. Much is common sense and logic, but we will cover the basics here.

A. Analyzing Previous Experience

One of the most important things to discover about new hires besides their general level of intelligence is their experience in technical areas of the field, their general understanding of the tasks on the agenda, and their eagerness to learn new things. Discuss their accomplishments, small or big, to get a better understanding of the areas that candidate has skills with, or can potentially come up to speed with to see how s/he fits in your business model.

B. Task assignment and pay-rate (hourly or commission based; or both)

Besides the list of tasks that you wish for this assistant to work on, you need to figure out a good salary plan that you, and your employee, can work with. When you have these two things figured out, you can go to employment sites, such as Elance, to help find a match. These kinds of sites offer a variety of people, so you need to be clear about your expectations & expectations. Don’t be afraid too increase a salary offering more if an experienced assistant approaches you; it is most probably worth it. Figure out how your can satisfy your budget and also keep your employee motivated and committed week to week; either on a commission or salaried basis.

B. Invest time in getting to know them

Having to trust a significant or large part of your business is a matter of course; to get to know their personal side too, not just on the business side. Calling their references and previous employer is also important in this regard. Do your best not to just settle for someone that doesn’t fit into your profile; as to avoid future headaches.

D. Can They Walk the Talk?

You will generally be able to discern their ability from the interview; yet certain things can only be tested and seen by real field work. However, trying to cover the major bases. Have them conduct a sales pitch, or test them with scenarios in which they would have to respond to support questions functions and question. How well are you listening to you throughout the support questions? Comprehending things quickly is one of the most vital elements in a new employees. Generally consider excuse statements as red flags and judge them each with perspicacity.

Best of luck in these regards…

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