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Content Management System
Mambo (formerly named Mambo Open Source or MOS) is a free software/ open source content management system(CMS) for creating and managing websites through a simple web interface. It has attracted many users due to its ease of use. Mambo also includes more advanced features such as page caching to improve performance on busy sites, advanced templating techniques, and a fairly robust API.
It can also automate many tasks such as web indexing for static pages. Mambo can provide RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, website searching, language internationalization, and other possibilities.
If you would like to see Mambo in action you can view a demo install at Mambo
  • It's free with all business web hosting accounts as well get a free domain name.
  • It runs on your own domain website that is hosted with us.
Other Features :
  • A large and healthy user and developer community
  • Provides a basic level of content approval for registered users
  • Online help
  • Page caching mechanism to improve performance on busy sites
  • Trash manager
  • Advertising management (banners, etc)
  • Media (images, documents) upload and management
  • Content display scheduling
  • Content syndication (RSS)
  • Search engine friendly (SEF) URL's
  • Internationalisation (interface translation)
  • Content macro language (aka mambots)
  • And many more...
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