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SSD Hosting for Database Driven Applications :

Running a large blog, e-commerce store, or custom application requires a lot of database input and output (I/O). As your site gets more popular and traffic starts to grow, your hard drives will start getting more and more concurrent I/O requests. During peak viewing times, the amount of I/O requests can slow down the recall of information from your database. This is especially true for sites on traditional "spinning media" disk drives. The physical limitations of spinning hard disks and the mechanical head restricts the amount of information that can be requested at a given time.

This is where our new SSD Hosting is superior. With a lack of moving parts, data transfer is only restricted by the speed of the network (which is why our shared servers are already on blazingly fast 1Gbps networks).

In a benchmark test, we tested our already fast SAS 15K drives against 1TB Samsung solid-state drives during busy I/O periods. The result, SSDs pushed out 95% more data than these hard disk drives!

PackageSSD Business CloudSSD Advanced Cloud
36 month Fee *$10.00$9.00$18.00$17.00
24 month Fee *$10.50$9.50$18.50$17.50
12 month Fee *$11.00$10.00$19.00$18.00
6 month Fee *$11.50$10.50$19.50$18.50
3 month Fee *$11.75$10.75$19.75$18.75
Monthly Fee *$11.95$10.95$19.95$18.95
Disk Space6 GB12 GB
Usable data transferUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domain NamesYesYes
Available Hosted Domains25
Payment MethodsDiverseDiverse
Plan UpgradesYesYes
30 Day Money Back GuaranteeYesYes
No ContractsYesYes
Web StatisticsDailyDaily
Sub Domains35
Parked DomainsYesYes
FTP Access24/724/7
Dedicated IPNoYes
$100 Google Adwords CreditYesYes
Private SSLNoYes
RAID 5 - Disk MirroringYesYes
Port Speed100mbit100mbit
Ffmpeg(Video / Audio streaming)YesYes
Softaculous (175 pre-installed scripts)YesYes
Email Features :
POP3 Email40100
Spam FiltersYesYes
Email AliasesUnlimitedUnlimited
Email CatchallYesYes
SMTP MailYesYes
Email Control PanelYesYes
Web Mail AccessYesYes
Mail ForwardingYesYes
Mailing ListYesYes
Control Panel Features :
Video TutorialsYesYes
File ManagerYesYes
Web DiskYesYes
Directory ProtectionYesYes
Hotlinking ProtectionYesYes
Front Page ExtensionsYesYes
Blog ( Wordpress, B2evolution.. )YesYes
Scripting Tools :
Your own Cgi-BinYesYes
PHP 5 with Zend SupportYesYes
Perl SupportYesYes
Python SupportYesYes
MySQL database510
GD LibraryYesYes
Forums (Discussion Boards)YesYes
Free Module InstallationYesYes
Redirect URLYesYes
IP Deny ManagerYesYes
Apache HandlersYesYes
MIME TypesYesYes
E-Commerce :
Zen CartYesYes
Cube cartYesYes
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools by Attracta (TM) :
Attracta SEO ToolsYesYes
Get in Google, Yahoo & BingYesYes
XML Sitemap SubmissionYesYes
Google Score CardYesYes
Broken Links ReportYesYes
Google Maps ListingYesYes
Link-Building DirectoryYesYes
SEO consultationYesYes
Web / Ftp Statistics :
Raw Log ManagerYesYes
Referrer Logs24/724/7
Error LogYesYes
Latest Visitors StatsYesYes
Customer Service :
24 hour MonitoringYesYes
Email Support24/724/7
Phone Support24/724/7

Benchmarking Latency (time it takes to get data)

Hard drives have two things working against it when it comes to data retrieval. The first is the rotational latency of the of the disk. The second is the seek time that it takes for the read/write head to find the data on the disk. SSDs have neither of these issues.

We benchmarked the latency of our SSD hosting servers versus a server with hard disk drives under high network load. As you can see, hard disk drives take about 20 times longer to access data during periods of heavy I/O requests.

4GoodHosting's Hosting Shared SSD Servers

Unlike other hosting companies, 4GoodHosting Hosting lets you use solid-state drives to host all types of data. This means you can host your blog on one domain, your friend’s static website on another, and your client's ecommerce site – all from the same Business or Advanced hosting account. There are no restrictions with how you can use our SSD Hosting.

  • tickDynamic content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
  • tickEcommerce stores (PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.)
  • tickSelf-built websites & applications
  • tickStatic HTML websites with SSD Hosting

Data Loss Prevention

Our SSD Hosting servers utilize RAID cards with battery-backed non-volatile caching. This means that in the event of sudden power loss, any data yet to be written will be stored in cache until the server is brought back to normal operation. Inbound data will then be written and stored as if nothing happened.

We've also taken measures to ensure zero impact on our customers from any SSD failures that might occur. Our solid-state drives are placed in RAID-5 configuration with extra backup drives to ensure data integrity throughout our SSD hosting servers.

Improving Server Reliability

With no mechanical parts that could lead to disk failure or temperature augmentation, unlike Hard drives, SSDs work smoothly with a higher speed. They are, in addition to that, most known for less latency to serve data to visitors no matter where they are located in the world.

Plan1 yr - 10 yrs*Free*
.com$17.95 yr$0.00
.ca$14.95 yr$0.00
.net$17.95 yr$0.00
.org$19.95 yr$0.00
.biz$19.95 yr$0.00
.info$19.95 yr$0.00
.name$19.95 yr$0.00
.us$14.95 yr$0.00
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"When I first was checking out 4GoodHosting.com in 2002, I was at first skeptical. Is this a fly by the night web host or not? Well, eight years later Mike I wanted to express my gratitude that your servers have always been lightning fast. Your service has always been solid. Your customer service team has always been prompt, and I have always appreciated the personal touch your team offers. Thank you for never giving me a reason to complain."
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