How to change your hosting account's control panel and ftp password

From within cPanel this option was disabled globally to ensure that the details of the cPanel account get
synchronized with what is stored in the billing system.

If cPanel is used directly to change the cPanel password, the details are not synchronized with the
billing system which is sometime used by admins when handling support tickets.

So, you can change the cPanel password from the client area. This will ensure that the login details are
automatically synchronized with the billing portal.

You can follow the below given steps to change password from the client area.

1. Login to the client area.


I have sent the login details to your registered email account "". You can use these
details to login to your client area.

2. Click on the option "Services".

3. Click on the option "view details" of the corresponding account that you need to make changes.

4. Click on the option "Change password". ( Refer the screen shot )

Please provide the details in the boxes and click on the option "Save changes".

Thus your cPanel password is changed successfully.
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