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How do I set up my Email account using Microsoft Outlook?
Posted by Michael Torner on 16 May 2012 01:17 PM
Important: First, make sure you have created a New Email Account in CPanel. In this tutorial we will create a fully functioning POP3 Account for "sales" using "testing" for the password.

To set up a new mail account for "sales" on Outlook Express or MS Outlook, follow these steps:

1. Start Outlook (or Outlook Express)

2. Click on the "Tools" menu from the top of Outlook and choose "Accounts"

3. From the new window click the "Add" button on the top right and choose "mail"

4. type in "sales" for the Account Name (this can be changed later) and click "next"

5. In this window type "" and click "next"
Note: "" is just an example, always replace it with Your Domain Name

6. In the next window type "" in both the Incoming & Outgoing boxes, click "next"

7. Now type in "" for the Account name, and "testing" for the password.

8. Click the "next" button and then the "finish" button to create your account

To Finalize the Settings to your POP3 account for "sales", follow these steps:

Click on the "Tools" menu, and choose "Accounts" from the pull down menu

Select the account "" in your list of email accounts by clicking on it. Click the "Properties" button. That will bring up a window for the "General" Tab

Now Click on the "Servers" tab

Put a CheckMark next to "My server requires authentication". This is required in order to be able to send email. Then click the "Settings" button .

Now Click on the "Servers" tab

Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" and then click the "OK" Button.

Select “Advanced settings" Tab and change the outgoing server from port 25 to port 27

click the "OK" Button on All Windows to close them.

Congratulations! You have setup your email account!

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