WordPress – Optional New Javascript Admin UI released codename: “Calypso”

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The new look of the WP REST BASED ADMIN UI: Picture1

WP Version 4.4 creates a new WP foundation that is being hailed as the next big thing in the world of wordpress. The WordPress REST API is being hailed as the next big chapter for the WP platform.

You are probably already wondering what that means for you. Well, right now it is optional, so you won’t be forced to learn or adapt for a while longer, at least, or perhaps forever?

For those inclined at developing for WordPress, we will explore WP REST API, its features, and what it brings to the workbench for those who work with WordPress professionally.

Dissecting WP REST API (JSON)

Before we dive deeper into the capabilities of the WP [JSON] REST API we first should make sure the basics are covered.

What is an API – Application Programming Interface?

It is much like a software driver that, if its protocol is followed, bridges between two different software applications.

You might have been using them for a while, but not even have technically realized it. For example, using a 3rd party website service or an application that to posts to Facebook or Twitter, is using the Facebook API and the Twitter API protocols/ports/etc connecting their platforms to your software. Therefore, as you might presume, there is a vast use of such API’s on the Internet.