About 4GoodHosting’s Windows VPS solution

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Our Canadian Windows VPS, or virtual private server hosting, allows a company to upgrade from regular hosting options to more configurable resources that allows them to deploy full applications and eCommerce models without having to pay the high costs of a dedicated server or dedicated hosting arrangement.

Windows VPS is a server virtualization software that uses Windows technology on high performance multi-cpu hardware. A VPS arrangement creates a virtual server inside a physical server. For many people, especially businesses, Windows VPS offers several advantages. Each windows virtual server is indistinguishable from a real standalone server. 4GoodHosting has the infrastructure and expertise to create many of these digital servers utilizing a single high-performance server machine. And we have many such server racks in our datacenters.

This allows us to offer fairly inexpensive packages for other companies; which enables our server clients to create and run complex websites, control large amounts of data, and stream a variety of adaptable services. Windows VPS hosting also allows you to run as many websites on your server as you wish for/can manage. The primary advantages in addition to the cost savings are increased resources and scalability. VPS servers are created in a virtual state so VPSs can be quickly and easily scaled or “beefed-up” as, and when, needed. The working of 1 virtual server does not affect any neighboring digital servers.

A VPS is are also ideal for customers that are not sure how much web traffic they need to plan for. You will receive your own dedicated IP; and extra IPs can be requested and configured as needed.

Another advantage is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol connectivity). Do you need to access your server almost as if it was sitting under your desk? Well, it is entirely possible to view and manage your server through your remote monitor. We supply the instructions and support for you on how to do that.

We create Windows Server 2008 or 2012 Standard 32 or 64bit VPSs, depending on your preference. This is very much like the familiar windows interface you are comfortable with if you have used the windows on a desktop computer. These Windows operating systems uses the same layouts and logic that Microsoft products have developed for years; using similar terms, tabs, icons, and general look and feel. As a result, people who have experience with Windows do find it easier to pick up a Windows VPS and manage the server as needed. On that note, when thinking about comparing Windows VPS to a Linux VPS a big difference between two is that the windows server is more graphically controlled (GUI) while a Linux VPS is more dependent on text commands.

Our Windows VPS system provides a wide range of functions including full update control and in-depth customization of any and all settings. That is especially useful for IT specialists who are detail-oriented and who want to arrange website resources to meet very specific requirements.

We will give you full administrator access to the server which will enable you to specify the exact settings to make your applications run at peak performance. And you also have complete control to perform updates when you want to, you are not locked into performing upgrades when the administrator of your windows shared windows hosting provider decides.

You are the administrator of your own server; therefore can install any programs: from architectural design programs, to betting/gambling servers, to holographic or 3D simulation or animation; anything a programmer can imagine! An example use of a Windows VPS is a Forex financial trading server; because it is hosted in a datacenter you can keep your trades going throughout the week without the unwanted interruptions for fully automated trading 24/5.

Try our Windows VPS monthly. 4GoodHosting’s service is so good that we don’t require contracts.
Click on: http://4goodhosting.com/windows-VPS-hosting.html

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