How to enable article attachments in Joomla

In a standard Joomla install, it is not possible to attach a file to an article as is commonly available in many other web applications

Fortunately, there's an extension that adds this capability. It's called, simply, Attachments for content articles

1) As with all extensions we'll be showing you, start by going to Then, navigate to the Directory & Documentation / Downloads category and find the Attachments for content articles page


2) Click Download



At the top of the page, you'll notice a bunch of language files for this extension. You could install some of them if you wanted, but we're not going to


Scroll down


3) Download the ZIP file to your computer

4) Once you have the file on your computer, you'll need to extract it. This extension is made up of four separate extensions that you'll need to install individually


For assistance with finding or installing extensions, watch the first two tutorials in this series


When all four extensions have been installed, it's time to activate the three plugins


5) Go to Extensions


6) Then click Plugin Manager


7) Find each plugin and click its Disabled icon to turn the plugin to Enabled



Now, we need to change some of Joomla's settings


8) Go to Site


9) Then Global Configuration


10) Click the System tab


Scroll down


The attachments extension uses Joomla's Media Settings to determine what file types can be uploaded


11) Add any extensions that should be made legal

12) Type the same extensions in uppercase for both versions to work


13) Change the maximum file size. The default is roughly ten megabytes; 0 is unlimited

14) You'll probably want to make uploads less restrictive to make attachments more useful

15) Changing this setting to No will help do the same thing


Unless you really trust your members, be careful turning those two settings off, as it can potentially cause a security breach

Scroll up


16) Click Save



Now, it's time to check out the attachments component


17) Click Components...


18) ...then Article Attachments


When your users upload attachments to articles, they'll appear here for you to manage

This extension allows you to add attachments to articles here, as well as on the Joomla frontend


19) Go to New


20) Click Select article


21) Select an article

22) Click Browse


23) Find a file to attach


You can type an alternate name to display here. By default, this extension will use the file's name

24) Type a description

Scroll right


25) Click Save


26) Make sure you publish the attachment, or it won't display

Let's take a look at this extension's settings


Scroll right


27) Click Parameters


There are a number of options you can change here


In particular, you might want to change "Attachments published by default?" to Yes


28) When finished, click Save


29) Next, go to Admin


Here are some extra administrative commands that might be useful to you. Hover your mouse over each link for a description

30) When done, click the X


Now, let's see if our attachment shows up in the article


Scroll down


Here it is!


In order to see a link to add an attachment, we must be logged in as either the owner of this article or an editor or publisher. Let's switch users


We're now logged in as a Publisher. As you can see here, this Add attachment link has shown up


We can also edit or delete attachments using the buttons over here


This is the end of the tutorial. Your Joomla site is now fully capable of having attachments added to its articles

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