An overview of the different user types of Joomla

A Joomla site is just an empty shell without an active user base

This tutorial will help you understand the four user groups that are built in to Joomla

The first user group is the Registered group. This group does not have any kind of access to write, edit, or publish articles on a Joomla site

Next, we have the Author group. Authors are allowed to submit content to a Joomla site. They can edit their own articles, but no one else's; they cannot publish content

Typically, when logged in as an author, you'll see links such as these appear


The third group is called Editor. Editors can edit other people's content as well as their own. They still can't publish anything, however


You'll notice a new icon has appeared next to each article

1) Click the link to edit this article


Scroll down


Notice -- there is no button here to change whether this article is published or not


Let's switch to the final user group, Publisher


This option has appeared for us now


Aside from that, a Publisher is no different than an Editor


Every Joomla content item must be published before it is visible to everyone, so publishers get the final say for content posted to a site


This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know all about the four Joomla user groups

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