Filter Spam (SpamAssassin)

SpamAssassin and SpamBox allow you to identify spam mail and flag it or prevent it from entering your inbox. SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email's headers and body. SpamBox will deliver any emails identified as spam by SpamAssassin into a separate mail folder named "spam". This "spam" folder will fill up and should be emptied regularly. To learn more about SpamAssassin, view the web site at

Please note that you can only use BoxTrapper Spam trap or SpamAssassin on an email account, not both. To learn about BoxTrapper, view the Email Verification (BoxTrapper) document.

Enabling SpamAssassin
You will see the following message in the "SpamAssassin" section of the page:
"SpamAssassin is currently (DISABLED or ENABLED)."

If SpamAssassin is DISABLED, click on the Enable SpamAssassin button.

You will see the following confirmation message:
"SpamAssassin is now: ENABLED"

If you want your Spam emails to be filtered into a separate folder, you can set the system to send all emails marked as Spam to a Spam Box. To set this up, click on the Go Back link and continue on to Step 4 below.
You will see the following message in the "Spam Box" section of the page:
"Spam Box is currently (DISABLED or ENABLED)."

If Spam Box is DISABLED, click on the Enable Spam Box button.

You will see the following confirmation message:
"Spam Box is now: ENABLED"

At any point in the future, if you want to clear the Spam Box, click on the Clear Spam Box button. All emails marked as Spam will be deleted from the Spam Box folder entirely.

Advanced SpamAssassin Configuration
This feature allows you to rewrite subjects and is designed for the advanced user. Do not attempt to use this feature unless you are familiar with how subjects work when using SpamAssassin. To learn more about rewriting SpamAssassin subjects, view the web page at

To get started rewriting SpamAssassin subjects, click on the Configure SpamAssassin (required to rewrite subjects) button in the "SpamAssassin" section. Modify the subjects specific to your own personal preferences.
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