How to export contacts from Gmail

In this tutorial, you will learn how to export contacts from Gmail.

1) Exporting contacts from Gmail is easy. You can export in several different formats, and can even choose to export only certain groups of contacts. Go to Contacts.

2) Then click Export.

3) First, tell Gmail who you want to export. My Contacts contains only those contacts you have added, while All Contacts contains everyone you have ever been in touch with using your Gmail account.

4) We'll choose a specific group.

5) Then, select a format for the export file to be in. Then click Export.

6) After a moment, a download box should appear. Click OK to save the file to your disk.

7) That's it! You've successfully exported your contacts from Gmail. Now you just need to import the file into your favorite mail client.


This completes the tutorial. You now know how to export contacts from Gmail.

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