How to create and manage tasks in Gmail

Like many other mail services, Gmail allows you to create a Tasks list. With this feature, you can maintain a sort of To Do list, to remind you of upcoming events and due dates. In this tutorial, you will see how to create and manage your tasks and task lists in Gmail.

1) To open the tasks system, click Tasks.

2) As soon as you open the Tasks window, Gmail will automatically create a new task for you and let you type its name. Click below the task name or press Enter and you'll instantly be able to type in another task. To mark a task as complete, click its checkbox. Click the arrow to enter further details about this task.

3) Here you can select a Due date for this task, and enter a Note about it.

4) If you have more than one task list, select it here and the task will be moved. When finished, click Back to list.

5) The date and note you just entered show up here, below the task's name.

6) The Actions menu below may be useful to you, at times. These five functions will only work when you have a task selected.

7) Click this icon to manage your task lists... then click here to create a New list.

8) Enter a name for the list, then click OK.

9) To return to the default list, open the lists menu again, and select it here.

10) You can also create a task based on an e-mail conversation. Minimize the tasks window.

11) Select a conversation from the list.

12) Then open up the More actions submenu, and click Add to Tasks.

13) Your conversation has now been added to the task list. You can click the Related email link to view that conversation. Click the arrow to edit this task.

14) Everything here should look the same as before, with one exception... clicking the X next to Related email will dissociate this task from the email.


This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create and manage tasks in Gmail.

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